ALIENS: Delivery

ALIENS: Delivery

Because of my love for the Alien/Aliens movies, I made a valiant attempt to play the RPG released by Leading Edge Games.  It was a HORRIBLE system.  It was very deadly also.  But we played it a couple of times and had some fun.  These are some adventure ideas I put together for it, some I ran, others I didn’t.  They are not system specific so they can be used in other systems.  

I think I did run this one and this is where we decided the Aliens Adventure Game was too deadly and the system was just not fun.

Aliens-Movie-Spoiler-SummaryGAMMA ALPHA I

PCs are Colonial Marines on Garrison duty on a research colony on a planet known as MW-GAMMA ALPHA 9.  It is a mineral research colony.  Gamma Alpha is a liveable planet, with thick swamp lands covering most of the planet.  At night, breathers are needed due to the dense gases that rise from the swamp.  (Research colony owned by: Hyperdyne in the Borodino Sector)

The colony comprises of the main command center (primary area for PCs) and ten research outposts.  Some of these outposts have been closed down due to “pockets of gas” (so they say).

The crew consists of 20 administration faculty, 15 head researchers, and about 15 workers and two Colonial Marine Strike Teams


The second-in-command in research offers the players’ strike team executive food privileges and bonuses if they do an unscheduled (unauthorized) delivery for him.  It consists of picking up the delivery from a ship, which is landing several kilometers outside the command center (STRANGE because most deliveries are usually taken on the main landing areas).  This particular delivery is nowhere near any standard landing areas.  (The delivery is going to be done by an unmarked ship.)  The doctor has given the team coordinates for the pick up and for the drop off, which is at outpost 8, one of the closed outposts.  (If the PCs asks, the delivery is research supplies and the reason it isn’t authorized “yet” is because it’s personal research for this doctor, and he is saving it as a surprise for his commanding officer.)

GMs NOTES:  The delivery is a drug shipment for the doctor’s personal research on alien eggs. The drug dealers plan on double crossing the doctor and taking the shipment back and killing the doctor (not expecting Colonial Marines)

OUPOST 8:  Has a few aliens and the cavern below the research platform is filled with alien eggs (which the PCs can’t see).  The dealers will try and trap the PCs inside the outpost and take what drugs they can.  They are unaware of the aliens or the nature of the doctor’s research.


While on duty on Outpost 2 (fully operational), the Strike Team is recalled to Command unexpectedly.  (Picked up by gunship)

Mission:  The PCs are to escort a “convicted” criminal from the Gamma Alpha to Aerodyne, where she will be picked up by a group of corporate security at port.  “They” will be waiting for your ship, the Tug Lector, which is waiting for you on the main platform. The Criminal:  Daray Lin Moraya – convicted for corporate espionage and murder.

The Lector:  Crew of 8

  • 1 Captain – Jerardo Elemor
  • 2 Executive Officers – Della Motorl, James Criskon
  • 1 Science Officer – (synth) Charles
  • 3 Engineers – (synth) Marus, Richard McKai, Tobashi Yamura**
  • 1 Cargo Ofiicer – Tabian Morbios

**Tobashi Yamura has strange taste in art (Gets a “vase” that he says is absolutely beautiful)

Have very little cargo on board, including some sample shipments from Gamma Alpha, some light supplies to be delivered to Aerodyne, (and an unexpected shipment of a few alien eggs).

GMs NOTES:  The alien eggs are planted; intended to impregnate one or more crew members, aliens will in turn kill everyone, including the intended target, Daray Lin.  A turncoat crew member is to trap one of the crew members into getting impregnated. (Tobashi)

ENCOUNTER:  Tobashi disappears for a time (72 hours) and then returns, looking slightly pale.  He talks about his new vase and wants to find out who gave it to him to thank him.  Soon after Tobashi will die giving birth to an alien; it will take place in his secret place where he does his painting and sculpting (in the East Secondary Cargo Bay behind a few boxes and crates).

Characters will be asked to find Tobashi. Slowly but surely the crew will be killed by the alien or Criskon or captured by the alien to birth more.

Map of Outpost 8


Cavern floor below is about 60 yards down and the platforms are supported from the ceiling


There are alien eggs on the floor. There are alien eggs in the storage area and one alien hidden in the locker room, which is covered in alien resin.