Alien Species: The Ekresk

Alien Species: The Ekresk

The Kresk were discovered on a planet later dubbed Ekreski Viresk (EV) by a mis-jumped Reich xeno-archeological expeditionary ship.   They stayed in the system long enough to survery the planet from orbit and monitor the EM activity from the world.  EV is a Erde-like world, 83% water, with a gravity of 1.09 G.  The climate varies from sub-zero to mid-50s in the equatorial regions due to the orbital distance of the planet from its primary star.  Winters are usually very cold by human standards.  The atmosphere is thin as well (respirators/rebreathers may be necessary) but the air pressure is normal.

The kresk were found to be a very efficient industrialized society.  They have short range (in-system) space travel capability but it is not abundant yet.  They also have a heavy military force on the planet.  However, they seem to be still caught up with localized factional in-fighting that plagued Earth in the 20th century. In fact, the population is uncommonly low, indicating they just recovered from a major world wide war.  However, the planet shows no sign of nuclear capability.

The Reich government deems that the society needs to be studied more before decisions are made on how to deal with them.  The Reich does not seen an interstellar war with an alien race a good use of current resources.  As far as the on-board Geheimdienst officer was concerned, they were not detected.


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