Alternate Homeworlds Notes

Alternate Homeworlds Notes

Notes I wrote that explained the homeworlds of each of the Star Frontiers non-human races. I only got to the Vrusks when I started writing this.

The Vrusk Homeworld – Klick’Ra – was a warm world with deserts and swamps and warm jungles.

The Vrusks grew into the industrial age fairly quickly and before they knew it, they have a massive pollution problem. The vrusk in turn thrust much of the scientific and industrial power into terraforming to help heal their world.

Vrusk culture shifted far away from traditional religions and instead focuses on logic. Some theorize that the Vrusks were very spiritual in their early years of history. But this lead to many wars, bringing them to the brink of destruction and genocide. A movement of logic arise out of the ashes and swept the entire planet.

Overpopulation became a new problem after this, however. This lead to a new focus of leaving their homeworld and finding new worlds to terraform and make suitable for their species. The Elder Thinkers of the Vrusks called upon on great corporations of the Vrusks to conquer the light barrier and fine ways to make interstellar travel possible.

The Vruskian Commonwealth was their first attempt at a stellar nation. Few races in their region had developed as fast as Vrusk and many fell to the Vruskian influence. They never colonized by force however. They brought what they felt the new contacts logically would need to bring them to their level and helped many species quickly reach Interstellar travel.

The Vruskian Commonwealth first enemy however brought the harsh reality of war to the insectoid race. The Dethrog Empire hit the Commonwealth by storm, and at first the Vrusks were not prepared for the enemy’s onslaught. While the Vrusk attempted to reignite their ability to fight war, the Dethrog wipred out race after race the Vrusks helped uplift. The Vruskian Commonwealth fell around them and the Vrusks feel to subjugation under the Dethrog Empire.

The Vriusks remained subjugated for thousands of years until an unknown enemy brought down down the Dethrog Empire. Records fade after the fall of the Dethrog but it is assumed the Vrusks reverted back to their a half dozen worlds and never rebuilt their empire.

It as not until the rise of the Tetrarchs that the Vrusks arose to a new Commonwealth. It was with the help from the mysterious Tetrarch Societies that the second Vruskian Commonwealth reached out to new worlds in hopes of building what they once had.

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