Rodian Arms Dealer. Played by Jennifer S.

After the Mission was over

After finding her ship of Uukaablis, she remained in the Kathol Sector and surrounding areas as part of the Free Traders Alliance.

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  1. Analia’s View of the Noble Houses

    The Noble Houses have proven to be both a hindrance and a help to your business.  A hindrance, because they are very strict on who they deal with, and what they deal in.  A help, because the are constantly fighting amongst themselves, and in order to do that, they have had to get contraband through non-traditional channels.  You know that for the most part, the Noble houses have a pretty strong grip on the Core and Rim worlds of Kathol.  However, you have only known the Noble Houses of this area while they were under the control of the Empire.  You have heard about the great nobles wars of many sectors before the Empire, and you assume that this sector is no different.  What will happen when the word gets out that Sarne is gone, only the Force knows.  You were surprised and excited to find out he was gone.  When the Noble Grand Council finds out, it could prove rather lucrative, but also very dangerous for you.

    There are apparently 5 major houses, plus a innumerable amount of minor houses.  All the major houses are human, and a few of the minor houses are alien.

    House Ik’Tal

    Ik’Tal is a tough old geezer of a house, but pays good for your contraband, even if it takes pulling teeth from a bantha to convince them to trade outside the house traditions.  It is an old and very traditional house, and are not too imaginative in their weapons purchases.  They usually buy the traditional weaponry of a Noble House, and rarely go out of their way to be interesting.  They are easy to please in that regard.  Any deals made with them are usually very low-profile and covert. 

    House Karadol

    House Karadol is one of the few groups that do show you some respect because you are female.  However, you are not sure if you want their respect.  They have been true to their word on a majority of your deals, but working so close with the Empire makes you nervous.  If House Karadol was a woman, she’d be the Empire’s whore.  However, that hasn’t stopped you from dealing with them. 

    House Shador

    House Shador, you sometimes say, should have been a noble house of Rodia.  Despite their extreme hardships dealt out by the Empire, they have remained reasonably strong.  They are very anti-non-human and very male chauvinistic. They are somewhat fragmented in nature, nicknamed the “Shattered” House because Sarne’s forces engaged in an intense campaign crush the house and it’s power.  Shador was the primary instigator of the Charis Revolts a few years back, where Sarne used the opportunity to remind the sector of his power.  You have found ways to deal with them, and at times you have helped them keep the communication lines open between fragments by smuggling in communiqués between them.  They are a very physically strong house, and all the members are immense specimens of humanity.  You had to fight your way to deal with some of the fragments, and you have the scares to show it (Some scars are even so distinctive, they identify the fragment they are from).

    House Brakia

    House Brakia buys one thing from you; exotic melee weapons.  They are very closed to any other type of weapons from you and are very hard to deal with in that regard.  Usually, the melee weapon market is a hard market to make a profit, but with House Brakia makes it easy.  Their products are also the best quality.  This was your primary source of melee weapons in the sector.

    House Kathor

    You try not to deal with House Kathor.  They have proven to be extremely slick in their dealings, and most of their deals tend to be more on the legal-side, and less in your direction.  You trust this house the least, solely because you hardly ever can make a profit, and never can sell the real “good” stuff to them.  They are shrewd businessmen, and you would rather not deal with them.

    Trade Guilds

    The Trade Guilds, on the surface, are extremely strict against smugglers and arms dealers like yourself, but you have found ways into certain cells within the Guilds that have proven to be lucrative.  These deals involve a wide range of weapons, and are always very hush-hush.  They especially ask you to make sure that information about the deals isn’t leaked out to the Church, and pay you extra for it.  Normally, when trading legally with a House, there is always a merchant member of the Trade Guilds there along with a member of the Church.

    Church of the Kathol Prophets

    The Church is a treacherous organization that has darker secrets than you’d like to know about.  You have seen many dark things happen at the order of some secret departments with in the Church.  You came across information that points to some less than reputable activities within the Church that really blurs the line that separates them from the Empire.  These activities, including murdering families, torturing, and framing innocent victims for crime, all seem to have a deeper purpose, but it is unclear what.  You rarely trade with the Church, for obvious reasons, however.  You fear that at some point the Church might find out you have this information, and send their secret death squads after you.  Avoiding the Church High Cathedral on Gandle Ott would be a good idea.