Specialization: Arcane Hunter (Mage)

Specialization: Arcane Hunter (Mage)

Arcane Hunter exists for one purpose – find lost arcane artifacts from before the Chaos Wars or even the Cataclysm.

Class: Mage

Requirement: You must have Intelligence and Perception 2 or higher. Historical  or Arcane Lore.

Novice: You have learned to track valuable magical artifacts from an age gone by. You gain +2 to any tests involving the researching, searching for as well as gathering information on magical artifacts.  An Arcane hunter also gains a +2 bonus to skills tests directly related to physically acquiring these items, if applicable.

Journeyman:  Many ancient ruins and temples contain residual arcane power. Many of these sites contain traps designed to release dark arcane powers upon unsuspecting treasure seekers. After repeated exposure to harmful forces, the Arcane Hunter learns to recognize the signs of a potential trap and avoid its nastiest effects. He gains a +2 bonus on skills tests when avoiding a magical traps.  Benefits from Novice level increase to +3.

Master:  Benefits from Journeyman increase to +3.  A master Arcane Hunter also gains Dark Sight ( 20 yards) if they do not already have it.  If they do, then their Dark Sight increases in range by 10 Yards.

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