Armor & Initiative

Armor & Initiative

Armor cam be bulky, and this bulk may effect the PCs reaction in combat, therefore affecting Initiative in Combat. But all armor is not bulky, so only specific types effect Initiative in Combat. The following list are the types that affect Initiative:

All Type C Armor

All Type D Armor

Light Combat Armor (LCA)

LCA is the only Powered Armor suit in the list because the other Powered Armor suits all compensate with reflex-augmentation wiring in the internal systems.

The following table shows the effects on Initiative if the PC is wearing a full suit of the above listed Armor types.

Armor & Initiative
ArmorSubtract from IM
Type C-1
Type D-2

If the PC is wearing a combination of Armor, it is up to the GM to determine the effects. If the Player Character is wearing heavy Armor on the Chest but lighter Armor on the arms, the PC may get a -1 to IM, depending on the types.

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