Advanced Star Frontiers 4e

Advanced Star Frontiers 4e


Initially, Star Frontiers started out as a single boxed edition which evolved into the Alpha Dawn rules. A few years later, an advancement called Zebulon’s Guide to Frontier Space was introduced which included the skill and combat systems that are used in the rules to follow.  Equipment and weapons are taken from both rulebooks.

The two rulebooks have completely different combat and skill systems. Primarily, I draw from the Zebulon’s Guide for the combat and skill systems, but I have changed a little in the way that rulebook has rated the weapons. I guess you can say I have taken the best of both rulebooks (IMHO). The weapons ranges in the Zebulon’s Guide, for example, are given by weapon classes (Pistol, Large Pistol, Rifle…), which generalized all the weapons, and didn’t leave enough variety, at least for my tastes. So I gave each weapon their own unique (in most cases) range, like the old rules do. So, ignore any mention in these rules of a range class A, F, etc. I have changed that for variety reasons. Another change that was made in the Zebulon’s Guide which I went along with, is the Maximum Damage rating. If you find any weapon that does not have a Maximum Damage Rating, but has a dice roll, simply take 80% of the maximum total dice roll for the weapon’s Max. Damage. Example: 3d10 converts to 24 Max Damage (30 * .80 = 24). Also, I added a few new skills that are not in the Zebulon’s Guide as well as a few new professions. I have also added a few other things like new races, an improved armor system, a hit location system, an extended time line, new weapons and new equipment.

Along with the changes mentioned above, I have also integrated another universe into the Star Frontiers universe. I have taken many of the inspirational ideas of another science fiction game, and created a new area of space for the Star Frontiers universe. Some of the alien species are inspired by the aliens in this game, but not all.  I created an Armor system inspired by this game, and added some weapons, and expanded the history of the  Star Frontiers Timeline.

As for the published modules and adventures, I never really ran them (not even the Volturnus adventures), except in really modified form.  I ran adventures after the Frontier timeline in Zebulon’s Guide, so most of the publiched adventures were already ancient history.  I wrote most of my own stuff.


The New Star Frontiers Universe

The Advanced Star Frontiers universe is an expansion off of the old Star Frontiers universe. The Frontier-Rim sector is now one sector of many making up a large area of space known as Allied Space. It consists of the Frontier-Rim Coalition and the J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties. The Frontier-Rim Coalition is a multi-race sector that was formed by the remains of many long forgotten stellar empires, including parts of the Terran Imperial Expanse. Each race in this sector at one time or another had a thriving empire, but each fell for unknown or forgotten reasons. The remaining survivors struggled to regain their civilization. Their recovery was slow but successful. They eventually encountered each other, and formed the Frontier-Rim sector. The modern Frontier-Rim races have representatives on the Council of Worlds (the government).

The J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties is a huge sector consisting of several sovereignties. Each of the Dominion of Sovereignties races have an sovereignty in the Dominion of Sovereignties, and they surround an area of free colonization called the J’Vaarian Core.  Each race is represented in the Supreme Directorate. The human sector of the Dominion of Sovereignties, The Human Confederation and the area that the Frontier occupies, was once part of the Terran empire. The Imperial Terrans, after the collapse of the Terran Empire retreated to the Confederation, while the outskirts colonists were left to the Frontier. Controversy has since arisen between the Frontier Humans and the Confederation Humans with the discovery of certain facts regarding the collapse of the Terran Expanse.

The Alliance between the two sectors was a result of the Third Sathar War (otherwise known as the Siriusian Expansion War). This alliance has since been strong, and very profitable for both sides. With the meeting of the two different societies came the mixture of the two and also change.

In the beginning, the Directorate ruled the sector strictly with a strong, tightly monitored military/law enforcement agency, but not to the point of tyranny. The government ran the majority of the business and trade, whereas the Frontier used a free enterprise system. The Frontier came to depend on the free mega corporations for economic strength. The years that followed the Alliance Agreement lead to changes in the Directorate corporate policy. As a result, hundreds of thousands of corporations sprang up.

With the exception of a few traditions, there is little difference between the two societies now. The Alliance powers govern in the Alliance Stellar Council.

Along with Allied citizens, there are other races that are either independent or sponsor races of another Allied species.  This are listed below as well.

Alliance Space has entered a new era of discovery and conflict. They are being attacked on three fronts: by the Kzinti, a race of strong, warlike felinoids that see all other races as meat; by the Khalia, a race of saber-toothed weasel-like creatures that raid world randomly, with incredible viciousness and supply their war-effort with whatever they can steal; the Sauron supermen, a race of genetically designed supermen created by a mega-corp to fight the Kzinti threat – the mega-corp were unprepared for their rebellion. Only the recent discovery of a race of short-elf-like creatures called the Star Wolves have brought a light of hope to the Alliance – only because they have approached the Alliance as friends. They have proven to be strong warriors, and a perfect match to fight the Kzinti.

The United Planetary Federation

  • Dralasites
  • Human (Terran colonial or variant)
  • Que’Sha
  • Saurians
  • Vrusks
  • Yazirians

The Rim Coalition

  • Humma
  • Ifshnit
  • Osakars

The J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties

Ruling body: Supreme Directorate

Interstellar Military: Star Corp (Star Navy, Land Corp)

Law Enforcement: Law Corp

Accepted laguage: J’Vaarian Basic

Each race is given with the Sector sovereignty or relation to the Dominion of Sovereignties:

  • Sponsor race to the Halogai’: Bengradi
  • The Candrosi Sovereignty: Candrosian
  • Sponsor race to the Confederation Humans: Dara’Ilan
  • Terran Expanse or Human Sovereignty or Sovereignty of Man: Humans (Imperial Terran and some variant)
  • K’Dasar Sovereignty: K’Dasi
  • The Skaniisian Sovereignty: Skaniis
  • Haloga’as Sovereignty: Halogai’
  • The Toran Sovereignty: Torani
  • Tor’Dran Sovereignty:Tor’Drani
  • The Urtorus Sovereignty: Urtoran
  • S’saran Sovereignty: S’saran
  • Wen’tri Sovereignty: Wen’tri

Independent Races (Preceded by the Government)

  • Creshian Dominion: Creshian & Ecreshian
  • Unity of Frak’tera: Frak’terian
  • Hol’taerra Reserve: Hol’taerran
  • Karian Empire: Karian
  • (No central government): Karidians
  • (No central government): Orkra’an
  • Sarginian Expanse: Sarginian

Author’s Notes: Yes, the above NPC races are the same races from the well-known novels: Kzinti from Larry Niven’s Known Space and Man-Kzin War series of books; Sauron from Jerry Pournelle’s War World series; Khalia from the Fleet novels of short stories; and Star Wolves from another book by the same name, written by Thorarinn Gunnarsson. These races were created to be the nemesis-races, not played by players. I never allowed my players to make a Sauron character or a Kzinti character.

This does not mean that the GM has to run his game during the Wars. When I ran, it was always somewhere at the start, or just before.

There several concepts in my writing that may seem inconsistent to the outsider, and believe me, I understand.  Because of the evolution this game has taken in my hands, a lot of things were created, then thrown out, names were changed several time, and certain conventions were accepted.  Here are a few things I found:

  • The terms ‘race’ and ‘species’ are used interchangeably through out the text. Although, technically, they are not the same thing, they will be for purposes of the following text.
  • Occasionally, you might see mention of something called Psi-Casters.  Well, this is in reference to what I originally had as “Jedi” rules for Star Frontier, renaming the Jedi as a Psi-Caster.  However, with the advent of the Mentalist, I saw no use for the Jedi rules.  But I like the term Psi-Casters, so I kept it, only it now is just another name for Mentalist.