0.210 Auditory Systems d6

0.210 Auditory Systems d6

Auditory Enhancers & Auditory Systems

Furtherman EVD

The EVD (short for “eavesdropper”) allows characters to better hear sounds within the normal frequency range. This provides a +1D to Perception checksthat involve hearing.

Furtherman LF

This unit allows the character to more clearly hear low frequency sounds and those below the normal Human range of hearing. It provides a +1D bonus to Perception checks when listening to such sounds.

Furtherinan HF

This auditory unit lets characters hear high frequency sounds, those above the normal Human range. It provides a +1D bonus to Perception check to discern such sounds.

Furtherman Private Investigator

This auditory system is combined with a subvocally-controlled computer chip that allows a listener to filter out undesired sounds. For instance, if the character is in a busy TramWay and he wants to listen in on someone’s conversation a few pillars down, then he can cut out any of the conversations of people between him and his target. I get all my best contracts this way.

[Each major group of sounds takes one round to cut out, butthe Private Investigator then generates a +1D to auditory Perception rolls.]

McGinley ListenDog

Like the WatchDogs, auditory systems can also be repositioned about the body. All of the same options as the WatchDog are available, including the custom designs. Needless to say, one can quickly see the benefit of the extra set of eyes and ears that a SenseDog can give.

Ear Tap

Ear tap lets the user tap into local radio transmissions. The user can select a frequency or set it to scan a range of frequencies. A built-in processor allows received transmissions to be sifted for a specific pattem, so the user can search for a particular phrase or sound (i.e. voice, hum, repeated pattern) across a range of frequencies. A neural jack is needed so that the user can change frequencies at will.
[Adds +1D to auditory Perception attempts when receiving frequencies and/or searching for a particular pattern.]

NetWorld Sonar Sound

Sonar Sound lets your ears act as sonar receptors. A mini-unit implanted elsewhere in the body projects an inaudible (to most species) signal. Bounce-back is received by the ears. Information may be displayed to the eyes via a Brodie LED or similar system.
[Adds +1D to Perception attempts in dimly-lit conditions when using sonar information.]

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