Automatic Fire/ Multiple Hit Location Rules

Automatic Fire/ Multiple Hit Location Rules

(Optional Rule) Automatic weapons are those which fire a burst. A burst is loosely defined by the type of weapon used. Most burst are weapons are projectile weapons, although Pulse Energy (E.P.) weapons do fire what is considered a burst. When an individual is hit by a burst, depending on the Success Column and the weapon’s Burst size, the character may be hit in multiple areas (thus increasing the chance of Critical Hits). The chart below shows the type and size of burst of the weapon, the amount times the attacker rolls on the Hit Location chart, and how to divide up the damage for each area.

Burst Table: # Hit Location Rolls (Damage Divider)
4 round burst2(2)2(2)1(1)1(1)
10 round burs4(4)3(3)2(2)1(1)
12 round burst5(5)4(4)2(2)1(1)
E.P (Pulse Energy)
3 Blast Burst2(2)2(2)1(1)1(1)
4 Blast Burst3(3)2(2)1(1)1(1)

NOTE: 2 is not considered a Burst.

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