Away Mission: Signals (Home Playtest)

Away Mission: Signals (Home Playtest)

DATE: 05/04/2018

Play tested Star Trek Adventures RPG by Modiphius.  It was my first exposure to the 2d20 system.  It took a bit of adjustment.  I used YouTube a lot to get to know the system.  I chose to run the quick-start because it focused the adventure to a simple away team.  The system is very muti-faceted.  Not only does it include the standard RPG mechanics for characters, interaction, skill tests and combat, it also includes mechanics for starship crews, supporting cast, and starship combat.  The quick-start covers the basics.

The system can be intimidating but once you get flowing, and have the right reference material, it’s not that hard.  The GM screen proved to be very useful. Despite being fairly abstract in combat and tactical situations, I still ended up using miniatures and terrain.  I used the paper miniatures made by Okumart.

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