Az-Iban was an eccentric smuggler who flew the Rampaging Ranat, a YT-2400 light freighter. The Force-sensitive Kowakian monkey-lizard Picaroon C. Boodle was Iban’s pet and first mate, until Eriadu forces quarantined Pic, accusing him of carrying Cyborrean rabies.

Az-Iban was a secretive person, and concealed his routes from his competition. Unfortunately for him, this made it easy for Morturr Heth, a Disac pirate and four other survivors of that fleet to seize his vessel and take his identity and that of his crew. It was uncertain what happened to Az-Iban, but he was almost certainly killed.

The false Az-Iban later participated in a race near Novolek Beacon organized by Mal Biron which was intended to pick the most skilled smugglers for employment by the Black Sun vigo Sprax. The second part of the race, near the Salin Corridor, was a rendezvous with the Destination: Adventure!, a luxury spaceliner. Heth and his crew then attacked the liner and the other competitors with the aid of other pirates positioned nearby.

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