Azrael System, Xenos Sector

Azrael System, Xenos Sector

Star Name: Azrael (white)

Number of Planets: 5


Orbit: 1

Type: barren rock

Orbital Radius: 0.48 AU

Period: 0.31 earth years

Gravity: 0.87 Gs

Heavy Radiation.  Dark gray surface, rich in iron, nickel and other basic minerals.  No mining operations have been attempted

War’s Heart

Type: barren rock

Orbital Radius: 0.69 AU

Period: 0.87 earth years

Gravity: 0.80 Gs

Heavy radiation, strange mineral combination cases the planet to glow blood red during certain periods of time during its rotation, thus the name given to the world.  Some suspect that it is a planetoid that came through the ‘Zone and was captured by the gravity of Azrael.

Point Bren

Type: Terrestrial desert, mountains

Orbital Radius: 0.81 AU

Period: 0.69 earth years

Physics: Standard iron/silicate

Gravity: 1.03 Gs

Hydrosphere: 34 % water, 14 % ice

Atmosphere: Standard breathable

Biosphere: Microbes

Civilization: Shatrat Colony

Special: Ruins of an ancient civilization, wreckage of a crashed starship


Type: Terrestrial forest, grassland, mountains

Orbital Radius: 1.04 AU

Period:  0.74 earth years

Physics: Small oceans

Gravity: 0.87 Gs

Hydrosphere: 89 % water, 33% ice

Atmosphere: Thin breathable

Biosphere: Microbes

Indigenous alien life known as the Silvans currently claim Silva as their home.  Most believe they are a Bolter race because it does not appear they are from Silva.  But it does appear they have been on this world a considerable amount of time.  Most in the Xenos sector leave them alone as they are fairly formidable and xeno-phobic.  The Silvans are one of many races that commonly worship the “River of the Gods.”  Quintelus, also a figure in their religion, is referred to as the Eye of the Gods.

Some Zeenarchs theorize that the Silvans are the descendants of the original inhabitants of Point Bren before the Tears of the Gods cataclysm.



Type: gas giant

Orbital Radius: 2.73 AU

Period: 3.96 earth years

Gravity : 207 Gs

Special: 15 small moons, 8 large moons.  Taril, barren rock moon in the 8th orbit, used as a trading operations for weapons runners.

Quintelus has a strange nature and many suspect that it was formed by similar stellar material to the Shatterzone.