Babylon 5: Whispers in Darkness

Babylon 5: Whispers in Darkness

A Playtest of ‘Whispers in Darkness’ Part 2: The Accomplice -or- ‘Drazi Hunt’

Michael Fargo, dead saboteur and traitor, was involved in a conspiratorial plot to undermine B5 sovereignty in the region, leaking patrol data to raiders.  His plan was foiled, but he was killed in the process. He was a Starfury pilot of B5

He was using a device – alien technology “Quantum Paired Technology” (QTP) – a very rare alien device.  This may or may not have been recovered.  Either the aliens got it back at the end of “Darkness” OR Fargo has it hidden and an accomplice has it (see Accomplice Chase).

Witnesses say the “aliens” returned to retrieve their technology.  They came out of the walls.

Medlab may have the body of the traitor Fargo and the body of one of the aliens (A Kalren).

This adventure was published in Signs & Portents

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