Balance of Time

Balance of Time

A Star Frontiers Campaign Summary

To the planet Mimban came four explorers- Wyan. a sly and stylish one armed human psi-caster; Ciar, Kaninoid warrior; Selurr, a cautious and peaceful Felinoid delegate; and James, an untrusting human warrior barbarian in a custom armored suit.

Mimban is a planet banned and outlawed by ancient empires and mystics alike; warded off by legend and blockaded by ancient long dead weapon satellites. Lead here by an equally ancient green crystal – the daibuur crystal – to find it’s twin.

The Daibuur Crystal – as legend told – was one of many Keys. This particular one was the Key to Equilibrium of Time. When joined with it’s twin can give a wielder amazing mastery of time and temporal powers.

Getting here was a challenge to begin with. Joining the proud and honorable Marines of White Light, they had to conquer internal corruption and intrigue to earn their way into the Marines. Getting through these obstacles, they were assigned the mission that led them to this point.

The mission started with the investigation into a “dark hole” forming near The White Light Nebula. A dark hole is something like a black hole but much more anomalous in nature. For one to form out of nowhere drew some concern.

The party’s investigation led them on the trail of a mentalist mystic – Dark Master Sparx – and his asteroid base on the edge of the dark hole. Strangely, the base was unaffected by the temporal and gravitic forces of the dark hole. The Dark Master had corrupted the Daibuur Crystal Twin and used that corrupted energies to open the Dark Hole.

Following a chain of perilous events, the party was able to infiltrate the asteroid base and face off against the Dark Master. Little did the party know, they were falling right into his plans.

In a last ditch effort to save his own life, the Dark Master summoned a massive beast from the dark hole that could only be described as a stellar dragon. However, in his hubris, he failed to gain control of the creature. The meeting of two mystic energies of the crystals, the corruption of the Dark Masters making, as well as the mystic powers being thrown about in the battle between the party and the Dark Master led to a ripping of a rift in time and space.

Time was in conflict. Events that never happened are now part of history. Time lines shifted. Universes overlapped. Worlds were born and destroyed.

The four adventurers awakened floating in a alien ocean on a alien world. The smell of war was in the air. Nuclear weapons had been used at one time. And now the world was in a post-apocalyptic war of survival. It was a human dominate world – called Earth.

It could have been an illusion or it could have been real but a being appeared before them claiming to be the Heart of the Daiburr Crystal. “The Balance of Time and Space must be restored. The Crystal must be returned and joined with it’s twin. It must be returned to The Lands of the Orma’Gash to the Hold of the Time Keeper. Find the Twin and destroy the forsaker who caused this. You must kill the one named Sparx.

“When you rejoin the daibuur crystals, you will return to our universe to another world at war – Polomegan. The Hold of the Time Keeper is there.

Balance in the Time Force must be established. You will be followed by time and space anomalies, seeking the crystal, so me prepared. Return the Balance.”

Armed with more advanced equipment than exists in this world, knowledge outmatched by anyone from this world, the party had a purpose.