Bardic Lore: The Journals of Amergin Ó Míl – Ogham

Bardic Lore: The Journals of Amergin Ó Míl – Ogham

From: Highmoon Media Products

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Bardic Lore: The Journals of Amergin Ó Míl – Ogham is a new d20 PDF e-supplement from Highmoon Media Products.

Out of a conglomeration of Celtic myths and literature, we get ogham writing (OH-am or OH-gam) – an alphabet written as a series of notches and straight lines carved on the edge of a piece of stone or wood. Its origins are both mundane as well as mythical. This supplement details this ancient Celtic written language for your d20 Fantasy game. It contains the history and myth of this once-secret language, giving you the opportunity to infuse your campaign with its runic magic. I have to confess that I am sucker for anything ancient and Celtic, so I was intrigued by this PDF from the start.

From page # 1:

“Ogham is a gift from the Mother Goddess to her children, the druids.”

This short PDF contains the rich history of ogham as well as an ogham reference chart. The earliest examples of ogham date back to 2200 B.C.E., based on markings on small chalk slabs found in southern England. Though there is no solid evidence that ogham was ever used in ancient druidic rituals or as some kind of magical writing, the myth seems to sustain itself. Some archeologists proposed that ogham was part of the language of ‘druidic freemasonry.’ Many modern ‘druidic’ groups use ogham in their rites and rituals. The history of ogham is rich with mystery and mystical myth and would add creditability and depth to any GM’s campaign setting. It is quite apparent that the author did a lot of research into this subject. It is also well laid out.

Also included are notes on ogham magic and its place in the world, as well as magical ogham stone markers. In this manner, the author basically makes ogham what Draconian is to arcane spellcasters – a language of drudic and bardic magic. Mastering this language allows the character access to the feat Scribe Ogham, which in turn allows him to create ogham stones. Included are ways to use these stones magically as wards, binders, and fields of protection. Also, two new feats are defined including the powerful Scribe Ogham as well as skills information related to Lore and Knowledge skills.

From page # 1:

“It is a language of nature, of magic. It is as deceptively simple as some notches on a rock, but it hides the secrets of creation.”

In conclusion, for those with a strong Celtic influence on their fantasy, this is a great supplement to have. For those that do not, it is still a pretty good supplement to have. I like this supplement because of its depth and knowledge. It is well written and very handy.

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Bardic Lore: The Journals of Amergin Ó Míl – Ogham

From:Highmoon Media Products

Type of Game:d20 PDF e-supplement

Author: Daniel M. Perez

Proofreader & Additional Material: Mark Gedak

Artwork: Some artwork from Fantasy Filler Art and Rick Hershey

Photograph: Daniel & Yvette Perez

Number of Pages:12

Game Components Included:One PDF file

Game Components Not Included:Core d20 Rulebooks

Retail Price:$ 1.50

Item Number:HMP1102

Reviewed by: Ron McClung