Baron Joseph Slavak

Baron Joseph Slavak


Human Count of House Pelagia & The Gorda of Tara’Nak

Played by Chris Fisher

MORE on Slavak: Last Known Jedi of House Pelagia

INITIAL PLOT HOOK: Slavak was brought to the Hejaran will reading when he got wind that Hejaran had inside information about the Jedi Academy Slavak attended. He was also supposed to meet with the Ambassador, who agreed to accompany Slavak. They hired Starian and the “Freeman’s Demise” to take them to Pella.

NA’VE & SHELTERED TEEN JEDI: Slavak was born to a Jedi family and not long after his birth, his parents were persecuted as Jedi by the Empire. Before their death, Joseph’s parents entrusted his well-being to a trusted family who adopted him – the Noble Family of Slavak. The Slavaks, knowing that his parents would want him to train in the Jedi traditions, helped form the underground academy of Pelagia Jedi, a secret academy of Purge survivors located deep within ancient submarine ruins. For several years, Joseph spent his life in these cramped spaces, training daily.

Upon turning 18, Joseph convinced his adopted family to allow him to apprentice into the Pelagia Diplomat corp. His first assignment was talks with the Ambassador from Basilisk who oddly requested him by name.

ORACLE’S VISIONS: Slavak’s Jedi training developed his basic skills, but since his exposure to the -universe- awoke power of seeing. He continues to get visions of possible futures related to him and those close to him.

THE GORDA: Banigor Mor-Tan introduced the Cult to Slavak as a sanctuary for people like Slavak. This was quite appealing to him, since he felt the heat of the Imperial Inquisition on his neck daily, and felt lost in a universe that was out to destroy his order. It was clear that Mor’Tan had plans for Slavak. When he could, Mor’Tan trained Slavak in the Force and its power. He was sculpting Slavak for something. This “something” first became clear when Slavak had a vision of a great warrior uniting the cults. It was his face that he saw behind the armored helmet. He was later told of the prophecy of Gorda – about a great warrior doing what his vision told him and that he was the Tara’Nak’s version of that. There were a dozen or so cults contending they had the True Gorda. Mor’Tan told Slavak there was going to be a trial for the True Gorda. Once chosen, the Gorda would unite the cults under one doctrine. All the cults seemed to agree to this.

The only rival that concerned Slavak was a man named Zel Soldak. He proclaimed to be immortal and lead a cult that held him up high as their messiah. With what he had learned from Gretydrake and the secrets of Camille, he knew that Soldak could be from that mysterious world, suspected so. They would find out during the Hunt on the Dark World.


  • Lord Gren & Lady Otha Slavak – Adopted parents
  • Banigor Mor’Tan
  • Haskin Dronar
  • The Cult of Tara’Nak
  • (old master)
  • (real parents)
  • Zel Soldak
  • Sabathina
  • Order of New Hope -Secret order of heavily modified and cybered individuals who simulate Jedi powers with ancient Herglic technology. They were meant to support rumors that not all Pelagia Jedi were killed, to give hope back to a dwindling House.

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  1. Data on Palorax – from the archives of the Slavak family library

    Palorax – also known as Casanil Island

    Located in the southwest hemisphere of Pelagon in the middle of no where. this island Was a secret Jedi research base. But it was no normal research base.

    The Casanil base was built to study the dark side and perhaps find a link in genetics to see if someone is predisposed to the Darkside. The facility was a black project that few in the council knew about, because it incorporated live test subjects. Many of the Pelagia enemies (including early Mecrosa assassins) were not in fact killed in action as reported, but captured and stored here.

    The Pelagia Jedi don’t talk about their past a lot, but for a time, they were plagued by a dark side faction similar to the Sith calling themselves the Tharak. The Tharak were ruthless and evil, but also particularly psychopathic. The Pelagia Jedi at the time hunted as many as they could down, and instead of killing them, stored them at a secret holding and research facility called Casanil Island. Many of the Pelagian Jedi Council thought it cruel to kill the Tharak.

    All “residence” of Casanil Detention Facility were stored in stasis until needed.

    The missile strike on the island was a mystery. No one is exactly sure who fired it, but since then, that area has been a black hole to any sensor net. It was later renamed Palorax.

    It is rumored that there is some of the underground facility left, and perhaps still some artifacts that surivived still stored there.

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