Camille is world in the Lost Holdings of Pelagia ruled by Five of it’s own noble houses. These houses were born of former families of the once great Pelagia who could not get along. These house rule various segments of the Camille society and have their own politics.

Camille is still suffering from the Fall of Pelagia, as many anti-Jedi factions attacked the world. It was a a great warrior known as Urdile that fought a great battle to defend off the enemies of Pelagia and caused the Lost Holdings to be lost and forgotten. Since then he is celebrated in the Grand Casque Festival.

The houses that rule Camille are:

House Martos in Region 1 of the Kurille province. They are primarily farmers and food producers for the world. They also specialize in restoring the war torn lands to prosperous farm land.

House Chasseer in Region 2 of Kurille province lead in the banking and construction industries.

Houe Kolor in Region 3 of Kurille province are leaders in the durable and consumer goods of Camille.

House Hanara on the island of Yendar specialize in weapons and warfare.

House Stanway also in the isnald of Yendar specialize in science, research, inventions and exploration.

Kurille is the primary and largest continent on Camille, containing 65% of the population. Much of the remainder of the system’s population is either on Yandar Island, and island nation in the middle of the Grenger Sea or on Nocturne Station, a massive former Republic station that orbits in one of Camille’s Lagrange Points.