The System of Basilisk

Basilisk is the fourth planet in a binary star system, with only four other planets. Basilisk orbits a yellow sun, and is called the Wink. The other sun is a red giant, which is known as the Gaze of the Basilisk or just the Gaze.

The planet Basilisk is a geologic oddity. Geologist surmises that the only reason that any land exists is the fact that a large asteroid impacted the planet sometime in the past. The impact apparently broke the crust of the planet and the “splash zone” still exists. The “zone” is the only continent that exists on the planet. It also explains why the only mountain range on the planet rings this one continent and radiates from the continent. These mountains are or were mostly volcanic in origin, but the heat generated by the impact is slowly fading and most ofthe volcanoes are now dormant. However the ring of mountains has created a vast desert on the central plain of the main continent. High in the mountains can be found many caves, and while these caves appear to be natural in nature no known cause has been found.

The far side of the planet hosts the planet’s largest island, again this the result of the asteroid impact. This island has never been officially explored. All but one of the only official expedition died in the attempt, and the one survivor did not live long after informing the Triade of a virulent plague that so far has been checked by the distance to the main continent and the strict quarantine placed on the island.

Basilisk has very little naturally arable land; the inhabitants have begun to reclaim the central desert by using desalinization plants on the seaward side of the mountains and piping this water to the central desert. The two main cities on the planet are on the southsouthwest and the east-southeast area of the main continent. Of course because of the lack of arable land, the cities are high up on the sides of the Ring Mountains. These two cities are the oldest human habitations on the planet. However, newer cities are being founded as the desert is being beaten back. Little additional exploration has been undertaken because of the threat of the plague and the just plain hardships of living. The other planets in the system are not habitable, but they and the unusually large
asteroid belt are being exploited for any available resources.

The government of Basilisk is called The Triade. The Triade is made up of three “Assemblages”. Each Assemblage has an equal voice in The Triade, but each Assemblage has its on makeup. The Noble Assemblage is made up of representatives of the “major” houses. A major house must have at least three vassal houses. The General Assemblage has one representative of every one hundred people in the population. This representative may not be Force-Sensitive or of a noble house. The Draconic Assemblage has three representatives; one of these representatives must be of a noble family, while another must be first generation Force Sensitive (to better represent the non-sensitive population), while the third must be of a family that was Force-Sensitive when the planet was colonized.

Location Hejaren Castle and The poem in the darkness

In Madness we Dwell,

In Chaos, it will Swell, 1

The Blood of Dragons seethes,

The Return of Darkness is foreseen,

The Key must be found!

***Given a vision of Alderaan exploding***

But first it must be saved!

1. Originally the 2″d line read “In Chaos, it Swells

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