Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale

Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale

OK, so it is finally over. Good or bad, the lasted through 4 seasons, a writers strike and fluctuating ratings to bring everyyone to home.

***** <<< WARNING SPOILERS >>> *****

This episode is really what I think I wanted to see a lot more of during the past several seasons. However, I think it also illustrated why they could not. The battle was brtual. One major battle and the Galactica was nearly cippled. Grant it, ti was dying anyway, but wow, that was really brutal. Also, the casualties were realistic. With only 50,000 or so people left, and only a certain percentage of that willing to be soldiers, you don’t have a lot of bodies to throw into combat. So I give them credit for making the war brutal and real and realize why they could not keep up with that kind of action every week or even every other week.

I live the first half of the episode. It was ballsies but brutal. The second half was where I ran into problems. They killed several characters, which I was fine with. But here are some points that I really did not like.

    • The all out abandonment of technology was a bit of a stretch. I could not help but think this was the liberal influence of the green movement saying we should abandon all our technology-based comforts and live like cavemen again. Environmentalist whacko statement.


  • The whole vision of Hera going through the Galactica/Opera turned out to be fairly lame. All it did was bring every one to the bridge to give the Cylon an opportunity to snatch her. Are they saying that was the catalyst that lead Tigh to offer the peace agreement.



  • The whole peace agreement… we’ll give you resurrection technology if we leave us alone… Wasn’t that what you offered them before? Why would they honor that agreement when they did not in the first place? They wouldn’t unless their insane leader is dead first.



  • WTF (What the frak!) was Starbuck? And ghost 6 and ghost Gaius? Angels? Aliens? The Crystal beings from the original series?



There are a few other minor things but those are the ones that stand out. Overall, a very disappoint season and a very disappointing show. I am not very excited about Caprica, but we’ll see.