Beloit Motto

Beloit Motto

Species: Near-human

Type:  Mutant

Origin: Unknown


Documented Notes


A psychopathic killer with a strong sensitivity to how people pronounce his name, he has murdered multiple people for their inability to say his name correctly.  He is also a opera singer and is quite proud of his singing ability.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Psychopathically insane with rage over the treatment he got for his appearance, Belloit is said to be an blasphemous mix between a goat and a human.  Grotesquely over-weight and bloated, he sits in his room in Midian constantly singing his sonets, reminding people that all he wants to do is sing.

His singing voice is haunting and bedeviling.  Lylesburg purposely put the deaf Breed next door to the behemoth, but even they say they can still hear him.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

None. He is handicapped because of his size and can only move with a cane.

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Human & Darkling Empathy; Empathic singing.