SavRS Tech 03.05: Bio-tech Skill Boosts

SavRS Tech 03.05: Bio-tech Skill Boosts

Skill Boosts are a less permanent bio-technological equivalent of Skill Chip cybernetics.  Memories and thoughts are simply chemicals and electrical impulses in the brain.  Certain combinations of bio-chemicals developed by Reich scientists can recreate these same effects at least for the short term.  These are called Skill Boosts.  Of one needs the simple knowledge to do a specific task he does not have the skill for or so a task better than his current skill allows, a skill boost can be used to accomplish this.  Just inject somehow directly into the brain – through the nose, temple or back of the neck, and these boosts will temporarily give you what you need.

There are varying degrees of these Skill Boosts and some of side effects after they wear off.  The stronger the boost, the more severe the side effects.



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