Bishop Grayson

Bishop Grayson

Half Elf Ranger Former RES Deep Scout (Played by Hans S.)

From birth, Bishop has a heart yearning to search the unknown and the unexplored. From his early years on the half-elf desert colony of Greon, to today, his passion for exploration has lead him to new and strange places – some exciting and wonderful, while others dark and dangerous.

Born to a prestigious family of nobles and religious leaders, his remote colony homeworld was far from the politics of the Dragon Empire. His father was a human explorer and pilot. His mother was an Elven noble princess and scientist. Because they traveled so much, Bishop was raised by his elven grandparents. His grandmother was a noble and his grandfather was a high priest in the local religious circles.

It wasn’t long before the politics of the Dragon Empire fell upon Greon, and immediately harsh change beset the planet. The dragon lord assigned to the world, a black drake named Duke Slasvikoron, deemed the religion of his homeworld unacceptable and stripped all its followers of their power and titles. For several years, those that followed this religion were persecuted and killed by the Duke’s royal guard. Bishop’s grandparents escaped with little more than their own lives.

Living on his homeworld after that was hard. His entire family was forced to live in the elven slums. Bishop fell into the wrong crowds as an adolescent. To protect his family from the gangs threatening them, he allowed the gangs to blackmail him into doing different illegal jobs including robbery, theft and assault.

Ironically, it was the gangs that saved him and his family when the duke’s inquisition came knocking on their shack door. The gang leader lead his family away, and found them passage off-planet to Outland Station. The injustices his family suffered at the hands of the Dragons burned in Bishop a strong hatred for Dragons and those who serve it.

On Outland Station, his father and mother were able to find work on free trader ships and Bishop was able to explore with them. Eventually, Bishop started working on his own as a stellar scout.

Late in his teen years, his parents were hired on an explorer ship bound for deep space near the Dark Zone. Busy on another flight, Bishop was not able to accompany his parents. Due back before his parents, when he returned Bishop waited for them before taking another assignment. They never returned. His grandparents, on both their deathbeds years later, pleaded for him to find them.

This was what has driven Bishop for years now. It drove him to join the Royal Exploratory Service, despite the fact that joining it would put him in service of the Dragon Empire. It drove him to take the most risky assignments in the areas near the Dark Zone. His unstoppable passion to go further into space and into the Dark Zone got him noticed by a secret division of the RES. This division recruited him for deep scouting with in the Dark Zone. However, because the sites he would see would be top secret, his memories would be erased every time he returned from a mission.

The last mission Bishop took was aboard the “Eagle’s Eye” on a deep scout of an old colony rediscovered on the Rim dangerously close to the Dark Zone, called Pacer’s End. Very little records of this colony were found in the Imperial archives. However, someone had an interest and was paying for this expensive survey.

The last thing Bishop remembers from that trip is entering the systems asteroid belt and hearing lots of screaming voices. That was 5 years ago.

Those voices haunt him to this day, in his sleeping and waking hours. They have driven him to near insanity, at times, as well as an addiction to stimulants. These stims fight the fatigue from the lack of sleep due to the voices. He longs for the day when he can have a regular night’s sleep. Until he can shake the voices and the habit, he doesn’t feel worthy enough to continue his search for his parents – he doesn’t’ trust himself.

So, to drown out the voices, he has joined the fit against the forces of the Faceless Man on Primogen. II.