Blackwater Creek

Blackwater Creek

Setting/System: 1920s USA/Call of Cthulhu 7e

I ran this at RonCon Spring 2015 in 7th edition CoC.  It was a blast.

The basic premise deals with a source of illegal whiskey somewhere in the backwoods of Massachusetts.  I did not change the adventure all that much but I planned for at least 8 players (although I only got 4).  My plan was to add more role play by having two different groups – one a gangster group and the other a standard investigator group.

Well written adventure.  See my review of it for The Gamer’s Codex

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    • I used pregens. I created an academic group and then used the Gangsters in the book. But since I only got 4 players, I used my academic group.

      However, I have done conflicting background in groups before and in a one-shot, it makes for great roleplay. You just have to be careful not to make it so conflicting that they might kill each other at the wrong times.

  1. Ya, in a one-shot theres plenty of opportunities for roleplay with conflicting backgrounds.

    Had tried it once (“In Media Res” scenario), and went well, so i tried it again, but asked at the start the players opinion about possible PvP, either through player actions or GM interference through bouts of madness (a great new mechanism, especially when changing background elements), and they were fine with that.

    Only had 3 players, but the connections in the backgrounds are broad enough to cover several situations (Fiasco style).

    Also had concerns about killings at difficult points of the story, where it would be a stretch to introduce a new char for the player that had lost it, but everything went fine (putting the char with less problems with others, in that case the accountant, in charge helped)

    Ended with one char killed by another, but only at the end, and very much integrated into the story and the backgrounds of both chars.

    The final objective was not achieved, but even the scenario wisely says that many endings are possible, and the final result was quite satisfactory for all.

  2. Another thing is that one can run this scenario with the other party and get a very different experience.

    This scenario and the “Crimson Letters” (which also has a very open experience due to different possibilities about the culprit) are probably some of the best scenarios for 7th ed right now.

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