Blood Moon (Strange Aeons)

Blood Moon (Strange Aeons)

Blood Moon

I found this adventure in the Strange Aeons adventure book published back in 1995. I had never journeyed into the modern or near-future with Call of Cthulhu because I was so attached to the 1920s. I have liked Michael LaBossiere’s work before so I wanted to give this a try.

Background Changes

Attempting this in 2012 does create some interesting issues in terms of dates. I had to make a few changes to the background. Here are the changes to the timelines (Date changes are in parentheses.)

535 BC The Kercez Fragments are found by the Greek mathematician Alcibacus

1970 AD Original documents ended up in a Frenchman’s collection

(2012 AD) A copy of the Fragments is sent to Dr. Henry Rice

(2014 AD) Dr. Rice goes mad and is institutionalized. Dr. Neil Tensler takes the fragments and goes to Tibet.

(2015) With NASA in trouble, it opens itself up to private investors. Plans are set in place to establish Moonbase Alpha. The first attempts are rout with problems and failures.

(2014-2016 AD) Tensler, in Tibet, contacts the alien entity on the moon and believes he must free it. His mind power expands to genius level.

(2020 AD) Tensler rises in the ranks in NASA. After meeting with director Diane Saunders, work together to revitalize NASA through a marriage of private funding and research as well as UN oversight and coordination with other countries (UNSED)

(2022 AD) Moonbase Alpha is established and opened with a multinational crew. Saunders grows in popularly nationally to the point that some want her to run for President of the United States.

(2023 AD) Saunders is assassinated by what is said to be a Muslim extremist group.

{idea} Saunders was growing in such popularity that it was interfering with Tensler’s plans for the moon. He leaked the information to the Brotherhood so the more extreme arm of the Brotherhood could assassinate her.

Work on the Mars Mission Base begins

(2024 AD) Tensler transfers to the Moon, taking over the project, claiming it was Saunders pan in the beginning to eventually allow Tensler to take over.

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