Star Wars: Blood of Shadows

System/Setting: Star Wars d20. Lords of the Expanse, Tapani Sector

Dates: July 7, 2001 – May 17, 2003

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … in a time of conflict, a time of intrigue…”

Loosely linked to the Dragon Campaign but more about the consequences of the first Lords of the Expanse campaign, this was my first d20 campaign (1st and 2nd edition) and second Lords of the Expanse Campaign. We kind of evolved into d20 as Star Wars d20 evolved around us. I introduced several different things in this campaign, including a lost region of LotE space, Immortals, Psionics d20 and a Dragonoid template. Not everything was balanced. Welcome to the CHAOS SIDE OF THE FORCE!

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Campaign Chronicle

This is a very incomplete chronicle.  It was at a time where I found it difficult to write what was going on.  The best I could do ios keep track of the locations and a few notes.  Regardless, this was a great campaign.

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