Dark Boston

Dark Boston

2045 Boston section of New Boswash

(Used as part of “Closed Casket” A Call of Cthulhu 1990s Adventure Converted to Dark Conspiracy)


An area ripe with Nomenclatura from old European Noble families of New England, all connected to some megacorp in some way.

Vance Street Corp.Major financial institution.
Advanced Digital Devices (ADD) Major Computer, computer hardware, and software developer.
BioGen Millipore Inc. (BioGen)Pharmaceuticals and Lab services and supplies
Staples & Gruder Inc.Megacorp Office Operations Supplier, retailer and consultants.
— Major Subsidiaries:
— Staples Security ForceMegacorp Security Force for hire.
— S&G ArmsMegacorp security force weapons
Affiliated Asset Managers (AAM)Asset-management firm
Tyler CorporationMedical Services Corporation

Gang and crime activity

Gang and other criminal activity list

Harbor Warriors

A group of pirates that attack at night, ships and boats in the harbor for no apparent reason, other than personal gain. They rob passengers, destroy cargo, and cause all around havoc on the Harbor.

Bridge Kids

Group of punks and homeless who dwell in the complex structures of the bridges of Boston Harbor, and harass travelers.

The Patriots

A ruthless gang of thugs that claim they want to bring the US back to their vision of what freedom was. They border on terrorists, and are formed from fragments of racist and neo-nazis groups.

Secret Societies and Cults

Boston Institute of the Blind

Formerly Perkins School of the Blind (Secret Society: Cimmerii or Cimmorum Foundation) Once just a hospital and institute for the blind, now also a secret research facility exploring Empathic powers within blind people. (Cimmerii a mythical people, living in eternal darkness).

Ghoul Cult or Kulten Denicalis Aeternus

(The Cult of Eternal Release from Death) rarely spoken of since the colony days. For centuries, it has lasted through the ages, through the Noble-related families. Its membership rose and fell, as the occult fell in and out of vogue. It is now veru prominent amongst the nomenclatura.

The Yachters

A Secret group of Minion Hunters that meet in the middle of the harbor at night, on random ships. They never meet on land.

Harvard Institute of Paranormal & Parapsychology

Not-so-secret but otherwise well known school of the university, it was once just a class in the Psychology department, but now its own school.

NumerousWitch Covens

Witches in Massachusetts are quite common

The Massacheusek Tribe

Indian tribe seeing some resurgence

Other Strange Activity –[Rumors, tabloid headlines]

  • UFOs: In the early 2000s, there was a rash of UFO sightings and abduction claims.
  • Creatures: Sea-Serpeant seen in the Harbor by boaters.
  • Creatures: Ghosts of Irish immigrants seen in abandoned buildings
  • Occult: The Church calling for a renewal of the witch hunts.
  • Flying Dutchmen type sighting in the bay
  • Witch Coven disappears – 6 woman, all who lived together in an apartment in downtown Boston, disappeared ,without of trace. They were rumored to be a witch coven. Some blame the new anti-witch movement in the Catholic Church.

Important Sites

The Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library, Harvard University, Cambridge

This library was named after a Harvard alumnus who perished aboard theTitanic. The Widener is the largest university library in the world. Although the reference room and other areas of the library are accessible to the public, the stacks themselves are not, the Widener being a private library.

Mystery Hill, America’s Stonehenge

About 40 miles north of the city of Boston, and about 25 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, is what appears to be the greatest, and perhaps oldest, megalithic enigma of North America. Mystery Hill, also known as “America’s Stonehenge”, is a site that has puzzled archaeologists for almost a century.

Running across the 30 acres of hillside are a series of low walls, cave-like primitive buildings, and tunnels that are spread about with, according to one archaeologist, “gigantic confusion and childish disorder, deep cunning and rude naively.”

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