Bounty Hunter Powersuit, Dl-259 Powersuit

Bounty Hunter Powersuit, Dl-259 Powersuit

Name:Bounty Hunter  Powersuit

Model: Dl-259 Powersuit

Type: Heavy Powersuit

Crew: 1

Passengers: 0

Cargo Capacity: 45 kg without digitizer beam / 300 kg. with

Consumables: 3 and a half weeks

Scale: character

Armor: 6D

DEX Modifier: adds 2D to Dodge and Running

STR Modifier: adds 3D to evetything except Brawling

Speed: 20 MPH


Blaster Cannon: Damage: 1D / Range: 1-10/20/35

Sensors: Micro-binoculars, Space Radio – 2,000 km. range, “infrared” Heat tracker – Can see almost any living invisible object ( Unless hooked on to a heat sink ) adds 3D to search.

Equipment: 4 Flares, 3 Glowrods, 1 synthrope 50 foot length, 2 Momory sticks (1D data on each ), 1 Comlink 200 km. range ( located inside helmate )

Helmet: The helmet is wear all the sensors are located and addition to those it also has a Super computer located inside. The super computer has all sorts of different things in it like charts for all the systems in the universe, a guide to different kinds of aliens, not even the largest computer can store this much data ( ill tell you how its done in the description ), it also has a language translator for speaking and receiving. There’s also a useful item that shows you what different items you have in the suit and shows if they are working or not, there are three different lights that show you what condition they are in. Green means there ok, yellow means that they are damaged, and red means that that item is totaly screwed up a.k.a that they are inoperative and they need serious repairs, so in other words you cant use it until you repair it.

Suit: There are two suits that can be bought and kept “up”, there’s only three suits in all that can go into the suit, in my source books ( the players guide to the game Super Metroid, the third one isn’t in the game  ) there is the Vara suit, the Gravity suit, and the space suit ( this is the one that isn’t in the game ) they are sold separately or together.

Blaster: The blaster has MANY different beams that can be put on the blaster ( im not going to tell you what they are now its a secret, ill send them out in a day or so to be sold ). It comes with a beam called GUN it causes 1D damage ( I know it isn’t much but wait till you see the attachments ) and its the only weapon you get when you first buy the suit.

Cost: 30,000 credits

Description: The DL-259 is a Power Suit used buy a bounty hunter named Samus Aran ( if you played the Super Nintendo game Super Metroid you’ll know who im talking about ) it is now being sold through out the universe and im hoping it will sell like hot cakes. I’m going to sell the items for different prices. If your wondering about the helmet and how i can put a super computer inside a small helmet, its easy all it takes is a new chip called a digitizer it is located in the helmet. The digitizer is a chip that can digitize ANYTHING and store it inside small chips located in different spots on the suit, it sends a small beam to the blaster or any other part of the suit and sends the item, weapon, or anything else into the small chips according to the item like if you bought the ——— it would go into the chip inside the blaster ( I’m not letting out the weapons names yet but it was a weapon where that blank was ) . It is probably one of the most advanced chips in the universe at this time. You cannot digitize humans, droids, etc. until you buy the digitizer beam! When you buy the suit Iknow you’ll be pleased.

P.S. There will be later pictures of all the items and the suit itself later. Also you have to buy the suits its doesn’t come with.


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