Dark Brainwashed conversion

Dark Brainwashed conversion

Dark Conspiracy d20 Conversion

Key Concept: Corporate Hamlets – There are places with in the Outlands that the corporations maintain for various reasons, called Hamlets.  They set up state of the art robotic security, fences and even mines around the perimeter of a moderately sized town, man it with corporate security as police, and maintain a piece of suburbia for their upper management, VIPs and guests to enjoy outside of the mega-cities.  The outlaws are either fended off by security or paid off with some kind of tribute.

Pinebox, Texas

Pinebox is a corporate hamlet that contains corporation sponsored store chains as well as the corporate university.

The Harmony Farm

Hidden just outside the security envelope, unbeknownst to most corporate execs, is the Harmony Farm.  Formed from rejected citizens of the hamlet, drifters and other homeless, the Harmonists have a symbiotic relationship with the locals that every keeps secret from the execs.  They bring in fresh produce and they trade with the locals for other things.  They are seen as harmless so security lets them in when the execs are not in town.

The Security Hole

There is a place with in the security net that college students have slipped through at time to go out of the bounds of the hamlet.  The Harmonists took advantage of it to infiltrate the town and get what they need for their farm.  As time went on, the Harmonists brought in fresh crops from their fields and sold them to the locals, so more and more people became aware and accepting of them.  Now, security allows them to go through checkpoints to trade for their needs, as long as no major executives are in town.

Jim Simpson

Jim Simpson is a corporate exec for [CORPORATION] and his son went missing in Pinebox.

He has not contacted the local authorities because of certain politically sensitive issues going on right now.  He is up for re-election for his executive position and anything can be used against him at this point.  This would be seen as a sign of weakness and so he wishes this investigation to be done quietly.

(This may produce some corporate agents seeking dirt on Simpson)

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