Brainwashed (DC d20 version)

Brainwashed (DC d20 version)

I took a 12 to Midnight adventure I acquired from RPGNow, and did a little tweaking to make it a Dark Conspiracy adventure.  Core to the concept is something I call the Corporate Hamlets.

Corporate Hamlets – There are places with in the Outlands that the corporations maintain for various reasons, called Hamlets.  They set up state of the art robotic security, fences and even mines around the perimeter of a moderately sized town, man it with corporate security as police, and maintain a piece of suburbia for their upper management, VIPs and guests to enjoy outside of the mega-cities.  The outlaws are either fended off by security or paid off with some kind of tribute.

Pinebox, Texas

Pinebox is a corporate hamlet that contains corporation sponsored store chains as well as the corporate university.

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