Bridge Officer Thyte’s Personal Log

Bridge Officer Thyte’s Personal Log


NR Date 43:6:21

<< Bridge Officer Thyte – Personal Log >>

This hasn’t been a good day. I find out about possible (repeat Possible) mutinous sentiments aboard ship, and I take steps to get proof (if proof exists). I wanted proof before I went to the Captain so that I wouldn’t add to her worries, and possibly make baseless accusations. The Captain rifles through my personal computer files, finds out what I am doing and then, after disregarding my personal privacy, treats me (…ME…) like some sort of Imperial Spy. <<computer please make a note of this date for further review>>

NR Date 43:6:23

<< Bridge Officer Thyte –Personal Log >>

I was concerned about this mission when I learned that the NR high command had decided to put Captain Andrimetrum in command I am positive that she is very good as a ground pounder, however, as running a starship is very different from running a ground campaign. Now I am very concerned. We have a crewman (that Kalvessan) aboard that somehow can tell when another ship is about to leave hyperspace and jump down our throats. But she doesn’t have him standing watches on the bridge. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a lot command experience, but I sure would have him on the bridge as much as possible. Today she tells me, after ordering the Farstar into a possible hazardous star system, to plot a retreat course like it isn’t standard operating procedure for a single ship going in harm’s way. I know she doesn’t think much of my abilities, but she could give credit for reading the book.

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