Verdict – BSG: Razor

Verdict – BSG: Razor

Another hyped up story, the story of Pegasus and what happened. THIS WAS THE BSG WE HAVE BEEN WANTING! Not that stupid 90210-drama crap we ahve been dealing with in the tail end of the last season.

Overall, I liked it. It was pretty dark, but no more than I would have expected from this new BSG.

Interesting twists and turns in the storyline, as well as new elements – these “Guardians.” I loved the classic Cylon fighters.

I also watched the 2 minute previews they showed during Flash Gordon (DVR is a wonderful thing) and seeing the classic stuff in battle was awesome too.

My biggest complaint is that it created more questions than it answered. But I guess taht is what BSG is all about. Maybe by the end of this last season we will have the answers we are looking for.