Sessions 02 – 05: Byzantium Secundus. Murder

Sessions 02 – 05: Byzantium Secundus. Murder

Dates: 3/4/2006 to 5/13/2006

Where/ When: Byzantium Secundu, March, 4998

The group investigates the murder of Sir Thaen Kelevar, Sword of Lextius Knight and honored knight of House Li Hilan. His body was found in a gruesome position in the court yard gardens of the East Side Annex of the West Highground Cathedral. His wounds were like those that a Vorox could committ. A Vorox criminal has been arrested, charged and convicted.

After reporting to the local House Cameton Constabulary, their investigation initially leads them to three places – the scene of the crime, the medical examiner’s office and the jail where the accused was held.

The accused was a Vorox from the lowland pitfighting underground with a record of violence and illegal activity.

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