Call it what it is!

I have held back on commenting about this whole HB2 flap since it started a year ago.  While I am not for catering to the small percentage of people afflicted with Gender dysphagia, I am also not for restricting people’s abilities to sue.  HB2 is broke, bottom line.  And it is hurting NC.  But I live in SC and we are benefiting from this idiocy.  But why can’t we call it what it is?  The left changes terms all the time. Why can’t we?

Basically, what they want is to make it legal for men to go into women’s bathrooms and visa versa.  It doesn’t matter that they are transgender to me.  That is nothing more than a mental issue.  We discriminate against mental issues all the time, but in this case, because it doesn’t hurt anyone we are supposed to give it a pass.  Whatever.  So this is less about LGBT “rights” and more of a ban of gender specific bathrooms.  It is a war on gender specific bathrooms!

As your self one thing?  Why do we have gender specific bathrooms.  If you can’t decide on a valid reason, then perhaps we don’t need them.  It’s not about kids getting molested.  That’s a weak argument.  It’s about privacy and decency but if that’s not important and catering to a mental affliction is more important, then fine. MOre power to you.  Ban gender specific bathrooms.

If we changed it to that, would we get the same kind of reaction.  Maybe, maybe not.  But in truth, there is has been a war on gender for a long time.  It grew from a war on gender roles but now we have mis-associated socially defined gender roles to the actual biological gender.  And sadly, it is our own fault for this massive mis-association.

Gender roles have been defined for years, since the beginning of time.  They were defined by biology and we took that to mean they were to be strictly enforced.  Some societies less so, but all and all, we used these gender roles (more wrongly than rightly) to restrict genders in those roles.  It was only natural that both genders would socially grow out of those roles and fight back.  We as humans do not like to be restricted and are naturally drawn to freedom to do what we want.

But unfortunately, the blurring of these roles has given rise to granting right to those afflicted with gender dysphagia.  I am not saying that the affliction is new.  I am sure throughout history, there were those that believed they were meant to be some other gender.  Right or wrong, they found places for these people – monasteries, asylums and brothels.  But now, because of the rise of gender rights, we how have gender-confused rights.  A natural progression.  Of course, because of their nature, as well as their size in population, they get lumped in with Ls, Bs, and Gs because power in numbers.

Social gender roles and biological gender definition are two totally different things and because the left gets to define and redefine things so they can fit it under the “discrimination” umbrella, we have to deal with this now.  We have to recognize a small percentage of the population as legit and normal because they feel oppressed because of their mental affliction.  So lets play their game and call it what it is!  A War on Gender and more specifically to the subject, a war on gender specific bathrooms.



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