Physical Description

The Candrosian are a horned, hexapodal, tailed centauroid species. Four limbs are used for locomotion, and the remaining two for manipulation. They have a thin-fur layer over a leathery plated skin. They stand on two set of legs, with an extended lower torso and a tail, but also with a full abdomen, upper chest and two arms of a humanoid, with a head vaguely reminiscent of a cross between a terran mountain ram and a terran rhinoceros . The head is a massive conglomeration of the rhino-like head and the curled horns of the ram. The Candrosian walk on the soles of their feet, unlike the Torani and the K’Dasi, which walk on their toes. A Candrosian, male or female from head to tail tip are usually between 240 cm and 300 cm long.

Average Size: 2.5 m long, 2.3 m tall.
Average Mass: 272 kg
Average Life-span: 180 yr.
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 39 degrees C

Historical Details

The Candrosian were one of the Big Four races to form the first Dominion of Sovereignties. The Candrosian Sovereignty, at that time, was made up of 400 star-systems. The Candrosian Sovereignty is a republican democracy, and has been for thousands of standard years. The Candrosian homeworld, Candrosi, is another planet very similar to Earth. It’s gravity is .98 times that of Earth.


The Candrosian have senses that are comparable to Humans. No special senses.

Speech and Languages

The Candrosian can easily speak Pan-Gal Common. There are only two other major languages among the Candrosian.


Zat’Cha, is spoken primarily on the homeworld and on those Candrosian worlds that did not fall out of communication with the homeworld during the Dark Ages.


Zen’ri, is spoken primarily on those worlds that did fall out of communication with the homeworld during the Dark Times following the Dominion of Sovereignties-Expanse Wars. They have only recently rejoined the mainstream of the Dominion Supreme Directorate.


The Candrosian are very friendly to most races, although they do joke about the “bipedal savages” referring to any bipedal race. They are a little hesitant towards Vrusks and Osakars, because of their appearance, but in time, the Candrosian do get used to their presence. After all, the Frontier is a relatively new ally, and the races are new to the Dominion of Sovereignties. The Candrosian center on pleasure seeking, and physical strength, with one never prevailing over the other.

Candrosian have always viewed the races with fewer limbs than them as “less developed”, however, many of these species have proven worthy in battle, so they accept the difference with an underlying reluctance. Candrosians are gruff, sometimes short and to the point. Few things are gray to them, many things are simplified to two choices. They carry this philosophy to a fault, at times, and many other species have hard times living in Candrosian controlled societies.

Social Structure and Standards

The Candrosian basic social unit is the monogamist nuclear family with two adults and offspring. The male is the head of the household. The family unit is the most protected unit. If an individual Candrosian has no family, it adopts his closest friends as a family. The individual Candrosian can even adopt non-Candrosian as a family until he find a a real family. The Candrosian birthrate is very low, only barely keeping their society at a stable level. Every 5 or 6 generations, however, they have population “spurts”, but otherwise, their population is very tightly controlled by nature itself.

Candrosian society, from the outside looking in, may look barbaric, and sometimes savage. However, there is a lot of tradition, and honor in their society. The Candrosian have a long period on intra-species wars, political battles, and near-genocide, but they feel they have moved on beyond that. They have come to grips with their more “savage” side, integrated it into their society, while still maintaining an advanced civilization.

The Candrosian believe in Justice by the strongest, in many cases. It may seem unjust to many, but the by-product is a faster evolution of their species by eliminating the weaker element in these contests. Gladiatorial combat is not uncommon, stemming from the species early instinctive habit of ramming heads together when a challenge came across. Many things are simply decided by who is the strongest.

Common Candrosian Names – The naming system goes as follows: (Family Name) (Given Name). Family Names: Tak’Chema, Bit’Shara, Shlikag’Ta, Agga’Shla, Raga’gik. Given Names: Zekeer, Banlet, Salak, Siraz, Uktak’Ta, Yast’Takg

Racial Abilities:

Skin Armor: Candrosian have a thick layer of leathery plates, which add to their ability to absorb damage. Armor Value: 9 points of Impact & Energy.

Tail Attack: Candrosian can use their tail as an extra attack in melee. In the case when a PC’s Weapons: Martial Arts is higher than the Tail Attack Martial Arts, use the higher value in a tail attack. DMG: 8+PS. Specialization skill in Weapons: Martial Arts (Tail Attack) Level [1d3].

Ram Attack: Candrosian, when enraged in battle, can attack by running at full speed and ramming a target. It quite a devastating attack. Specialization Skill: Weapons: Martial Arts(Ram Attack) Level [1d3]. DMG: 14+PS.