Cascadia Adventures 2: The Lost Girl

Cascadia Adventures 2: The Lost Girl

Cascadia Adventures 2: The Lost Girl
From: Gypsy Knights Games
Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Cascadia Adventures 2: The Lost Girl is a new RPG Adventure from Gypsy Knights Games.

The second in a series of adventures set in the Clement Sector and more specifically the Cascadia subsector, this adventure is only loosely linked to the first.  The same person that hired the characters in the first adventure calls upon them again to help (as the name implies) a lost girl.

This adventure takes place primarily on the planet Gagnon, with a little stopover on Slaren.  The first step I took when I was prepping for this was to read up on the two worlds and their politics.  Assuming that you plan to use this in the default setting, this information is in the Subsector Sourcebook 1 – Cascadia.  As stated when reviewing the Subsector books, there is a lot left to interpretation and any enhancement from the source material is always helpful to a game master.

From page # 17:
MV Dust Runner has returned to Chance after a reasonably profitable cargo run to Kyiv.”

There are basically four major episodes – Introduction, Stopover/Refuel, Investigation and Finale. Those are my designations for them and not official.  The intro to the adventure goes much like the first one – hired by the same contact as a troubleshooting group.  The adventure will take the crew further out into the subsector, so a stopover for refueling will be necessary and that takes place on a world called Slaren.

The stopover is a fairly open-ended portion of the adventure.  Other than an informative encounter with the local defense force, nothing really needs to happen if the GM so wishes.  The pre-generated characters have no real contacts here, so it is unlikely to be any use to them, unless the GM inserts new contacts, or existing contacts could give them new contacts on this world.  This particular portion really gives the GM a chance to explore the potential of this setting and allow him to add whatever he wants into it.  This is not a stringent setting where one little change in the story could unbalance everything.  It is a very flexible setting that you make your own.  Gypsy Knights have simply provided you with the framework.  So I highly recommend going through the Clement Sector sourcebook as well as the Cascadia sourcebook to get ideas on how to make their stopover even more interesting.

From the website:
“A daughter lost.  It tugs at the heart of any parent.”

Moving on to Gagnon, they find themselves in a strange world ruled by a dictator that everyone seems to actually like, at least on the surface.  This is where the Cascadia sourcebook comes in handy again.  Going through the details of Gagnon really reveals an interesting and potentially dark world of intrigue and corruption.  This strange dictator, Major Keith Calderon, seems to be a rare breed.  As the Cascadia sourcebook says, he took power after a revolution against an overly bureaucratic government.  Where there is a revolution, there are those that lost and therein lies all kinds of adventure, intrigue and story potential.

In this adventure, a darker side of the Major is revealed.  Delving deep into the dark world of piracy, criminal underground, inter-planetary politics and human trafficking, this is not for the light at heart.  Of course, like the last adventure, some of the investigation is driven by contacts the characters have.  This facilitates great opportunities for role play and storytelling.

I won’t give much more away but it’s safe to say that this adventure has a great ending that could have a much larger impact than just saving a young girl.  It could end very violently, and within the system like Mongoose’s Traveller, that could be a very bad thing.  They better arm up or figure out a way that doesn’t involve a fire fight.

In conclusion, this gradually takes the characters into the interplanetary politics of the region once again.  It definitely increases the danger and the intensity a little and takes them to a new location totally different than the first one.  It is very well written and adequately illustrated (nice map of the final location).  I definitely have the same drive to run this adventure as I did the first.

For more details on Gypsy Knights Games and their new RPG AdventureCascadia Adventures 2: The Lost Girl” check them out at their website

Codex Rating: 16

Product Summary

Cascadia Adventures 2: The Lost Girl
From: Gypsy Knights Games
Type of Game: RPG Adventure
Written by: John Watts
Contributing Authors/Editor: Curtis Rickman
Cover Art by: Steve Attwood
Additional Art by: Steve Attwood
Number of Pages: 41 page PDF
Game Components Included: 1 PDF Adventure
Game Components Not Included: Core Traveller rulebook, Clement Sector setting book
Retail Price: $4.99 (US)

Reviewed by: Ron McClung