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Space is an endless dream of deadly silence, cold and chaos.  Humanity was never meant to conquer it.  Many believed that it was built by the Almighty specifically to contain them to Earth – it was created solely to keep …

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I dug up old sketches I drew when I was a teenagers, inspired by various things.  For a time, I was writing a “book” called Galactic Rebellion.  It was overly influenced by Star Wars, but I also drew in other influences …

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Protodimension Magazine – A wrote a few Dark Conspiracy articles for this award nominated online Fazine. Small Town Dark USA (Protodimension No-16 Summer 2013) Breshingridge Center & The Mysteries of Vall-Al Part 1 (Protodimension No-18 Winter 2014) The second half of the The Mysteries of …

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A short story based on The Cure, reimagined.

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Short story based on The Cure but from the perspective of the monster.

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A now defunct web site that I wrote for from 2005 to 2008. They helped with my trip to GenCon in 2008. Thoroughly enjoyed writing for them.  During those years, I wrote several hundred reviews of various games.  I got …

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In 1989, I attended my first fandom convention – Dragon Con in Atlanta.- It was an amazing spectacle of fans, dealers, and everything about sci-fi, fantasy and horror that you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.- It was …

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Part 1 By Ron “Seawolf” McClung I look back at my 20 years of experience in role-play gaming, and I ask a question: What kept my players coming back? In those years, the role-playing games (RPGs) I have run Star …

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Why I am no longer a Star Wars Fan

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Signs & Portents Magazine 19 – February 2005 Before it went full PDF, I wrote a B5 d20 adventure that was a sequel to a previous adventure they published. Share List