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OGRe 7.x

PROJECT STATUS: COMPLETE ?? On going modifications to clean up the code, the look and feel and upgrade to TLS 1.2.  OGRe 7.0 will be rolled out just in time for MACE 2018! I have worked for the past 2 months straight

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ConCarolinas 2018 Results

Things went really well at ConCarolinas 2018 Gaming – partially because I really worked hard on my attitude and partially because people are starting to understand the system.   There are a few areas I need to improve on still but

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Managing Gaming at a Convention, Part 1: Intro

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Post-That Con feedback

So we got feedback from That Con because they like to do surveys and all that.  While I am sure they have more than enough to deal with on the fandom end, by statistics, we did fine.  Out of 66 respondents, about 3 were rather scathing and hurtful.  So, cathartically, I am posting them here.  It is a realization that if my work with That Con is going to continue, I have to really look inside myself and figure out what is going on.  Is it burnout? Or is it something else?  Can it change?

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OGRe 6.x

PROJECT STATUS: v6.0 COMPLETE 2016-08 On going modifications to deal with the minor bugs and annoying behavior. OGRe 6.0 was rolled out just in time for MACE 20! I have worked for the past 2 months straight on it and

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The Secrets of Organizing Convention Gaming 2 – Know gaming!

Know gaming and the industry. I tend to gravitate to two things – role playing games and war or sci-fi oriented (Ameri-trash) board games.  In the beginning, I thought that was enough to coordinate gaming at the events I was doing.

Convention Poll – My take on it

I recently posted a poll on FB in hopes to find out reasons for gamers not attending.  Both our ConCarolinas and ConGregate efforts were less than stellar.  Although ConCarolinas is considered a rebuilding year, ConGregate was a third try and

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The Secrets of Organizing Convention Gaming 1

For 15+ years now, I have been organizing gaming for both small to medium gaming cons and sci-fi cons, at an average of 3 to 4 a year.  Over the years, I have developed a system that seems to work

OGRe 5.x

PROJECT STATUS: v5.0 COMPLETE. PROJECT STATUS: v5.2 COMPLETE. I continue to update OGRe, with a bootstrap framework, and JQuery.  The following needs to be done: Game Event Admin.  Adding games events. Volunteer Schedule Expand to make it easier for other

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