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Star Trek: Ascendancy (MACE West 2019)

This is a very fun game but I did not enjoy playing the Klingons.  They are a hard race to play because you are forced to attack and the consequences of attack can be harsh. I played the Klingons and

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Star Trek Ascendancy, Pre-Con Playtest & MACE West 2018

I have said it before. This is a great game!  I played with 4 players as a playtest as a local game store and then 5 players are MACE West 2018.  Both with expansion races (Cardassians and Ferengi) and the

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Star Trek: Ascendancy (MACE 2017)

This is the first time I played this game with the new expansions.  Both were played with a 4 player game, leaving the Romulans out. I think most of the players played conservatively at the beginning.  That tends to make

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My MACE 2017 Schedule

Fri 8 pm – 12 am: Shatterzone Xenos Alpha I play tested this at RonCon.  I am not sure how well this is going to go.  I never ran SZ at a Con because of its complexities.  I am going to

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Alien Vs. Predator, The Hunt Begins, MACE West 2017

These are pictures of my playtest but I did play it at MACE West 2017 with 2 other players.  I want to like this game so much but I think it has its flaws.  Either that, or we are playing

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Star Trek Ascendancy, MACE West 2017

This is a great game!  It really has a Star Trek feel.  I plan to do a review of this but I really look forward to playing this more and more, especially with expansions.  The 3 player game is great

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Scythe, MACE West 2017

I plan to write a review of this game soon.  It has be torn.  It has a strong Euro feel but just enough player interaction and combat that it keeps my attention.  This was by far one of the best

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Scythe, mini-mace 2017

This game has me torn.  I don’t necessarily like Euro-games.  Worker placement is not bad but the general race to the most points bothers me.  I need more player interaction and this one has some.  No dice rolling though.  Just

Tide of Iron – Very Cool Game

It is a game I have been anticipating since its announced release. I had played games similar to it – Memoir ’44, Axis & Alliles minis – and enjoyed them to some degree. I know I could not afford it

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Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition Report (Jan 20)

Well, it is over. I built it up in my own mind so much, I am not sure if could have lived up to my expectations even if it went perfectly. And it went far from perfect, at least in

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