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Adventure Notes: Talmage Machine

Pascuali Talmage and his wondrous machine. BASICS: Miskatonic University, 1920s At the Miskatonic University Science fair, a local scientists that occasionally speaks at the university reveals an unusual and mysterious contraption – something he called The Talmage Machine. His presentation

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Adventure Notes: Dreadful

(Adventure inspired by Clive Barker’s Dread short story)   BASICS Fall Semester, Miskatonic University, early 1920s PCs can be brought in using one of the following ways: Hired by MU as new psychology teachers and staff, one of which is replacing

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A Light in the Darkness, a Keeper’s Review

I asked the Call of Cthulhu RPG Facebook group for some one-shot suggestions, and this lead me to two suggestions.   I was really looking for something different and fun and these two really stood out.  One was Moonglow by John A. Almack

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Dead Light: Modifications & Additions

Notes From the Adventure: Only its use to him was known. It was for Doctor Webb and the one whose practice he inherited (and who knows how many before them) a kind of “sin-eater”. A thing for safely getting rid of nightmarish and misbegotten children

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Adventure: Keepers

BASICS PCs are told to act as Escorts to an important artifact (or set of artifacts) which will be transported from one point in coastal Europe to the East Coast of the US.  It will be transported by steamship. PULL

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Dark Rivals (RonCon Spring 2016)

From the Dead Reckonings Sourcebook (converted to CoC 7e) Pre-Game Read and Prep I am planning on running this on Dark Rivals for one of my game day events, RonCon.  I picked it relatively randomly although I like the “caught in

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The Restoration of Evil Re-Write

I am reading a mini- adventure that was published with the 6th Edition Keeper Screen, The Restoration of Evil. It takes place in Red Hook NY, as sort of a sequel to one of Lovecraft’s stories – The Horror at Red Hook

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Mister Corbitt

Mansions of Madness rewrite I am planning to run a Call of Cthulhu (CoC) adventure and have picked out a couple to look at. I really want to run all of the Mansions of Madness adventures, starting with first one

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Blood Moon (Strange Aeons)

Blood Moon I found this adventure in the Strange Aeons adventure book published back in 1995. I had never journeyed into the modern or near-future with Call of Cthulhu because I was so attached to the 1920s. I have liked

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