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In the Underworld of Volkos, the group encounter the Mindwalkers of the Pales. First was the Teeps or telepaths that manipulated the mind of the party. Then the Teeks or telekinetics who through items at the party while they attempted …

18.0 – Volturnus: Volkos Part 2 Read More »

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After awakening in a strange room, the players realize they are stuck in a ancient alien asylum. However, even more concerning is that Diablo and his allies have turned it into a storage facility of things they found interesting on …

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You have become a troublesome group of beings since your arrival. We trusted the planet would do its job and deal with you properly, but you proved to be more resilient than we thought – an under-estimation that will not …

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Pilgrims End turned out to be a free city at the edge a vast grassland. In the shadows of a small mountains range, nestled in amist some old Eorna ruins, a population of mostly humans resided. In the middle of …

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In order to prove their worthiness to be brought before the Elders, the party must hunt down an Airwhale. Share List

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After successfully taking over the outpost, the group encounters the Kurabanda, a race of furry little warriors. William claims to be their god and kills one to prove it. Kurabanda want more proof and wish to have their clans united …

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This was an epic night.  The infal challenges of the cavens and then finally the Star Devil outpost. GM Notes:  I merged the original material (location map matches the classic version) with Chris Putnam’s re-write and added my own spice.  …

13.0 – Volturnus: Outpost Alpha-9 Read More »

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Reaching the shore, the team felt heat emanating from the cave entrances into the catacombs.  Entering the catacombs, the next chamber they encountered had a massive Ul-Mor stone statue on a throne.  Surrounding the throne was the wreckage of some …

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Conversion of a D&D one page Background: About 400 years ago,  The precursor to the Yernoids used this part of the mountain facility to shelter from the Sathar bombs. Fortunately, they escaped most of the danger.  Unfortunately, the crystalline nature …

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The Beginning The campaign started on New Pale (Truane’s Star System, Frontier), a world recovering from war of extreme racial tension between pro-human supremacists and a multicultural military state. Hired by a secret coalition of mega-corporations along with the planetary …

12.5 – The Volturnus Saga: Session 1 through 12 Review Read More »

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