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12.5 – The Volturnus Saga: Session 1 through 12 Review

The Beginning The campaign started on New Pale (Truane’s Star System, Frontier), a world recovering from war of extreme racial tension between pro-human supremacists and a multicultural military state. Hired by a secret coalition of mega-corporations along with the planetary

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Savage SF Campaign in the Works

Updated the SDF Primer with new Zebulon Human Factions (the closest the Expanse has to Human Stellar Nations).

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Savage Shatterzone

After running classic Shatterzone, I realized I loved the setting more than the core rules system.  But I also loved the cards.  So I am designing a system for the cards in Savage Worlds and then poring everything else over

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New Inspiration: Savage Ringworld

I have resurrected my interest in Niven-Known Space setting, starting with the Ringworld setting.  I am going to re-read the Ringworld books and use the resources I have at hand to come up with a trilogy of adventures for conventions.  The real

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My MACE 2017 Schedule

Fri 8 pm – 12 am: Shatterzone Xenos Alpha I play tested this at RonCon.  I am not sure how well this is going to go.  I never ran SZ at a Con because of its complexities.  I am going to

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Writing Legacy of the Führer Part 3

PROJECT START: 06/2017 The second adventure playtested well twice.  I built some terrain around it and plan to run it at MACE 2017.  Now I have to come up with the final chapter in the trilogy.  There were enough clues

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Writing Legacy of the Führer Part 2

PROJECT START: 01/2017 DONE:  PLAYTESTED AT MACE WEST 2017 I have used several inspirations to write this one, starting with some notes that I found from Ken Richardson.  Castaway was an idea he wrote up that interested me, but figuring

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Savage Sedition Wars: The Strain

Infection Counters, Nano-spores, and Exogenesis These are terms that used to represent conversion to a Strain Infected.  Every token a person gains represents an infection by the Strain .  It represents the number of successes a person must obtain when

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Savage Reich Star Terrain Project

After running the play test, I decided to craft the location of the final battle.  I also crafted some bad guys from Star Wars figs (repainted Rebels) and one of the characters had a face covering so I found am

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The Last Parsec: Vermin of Sarin Prime (MACE East 2016)

Ran this at MACE East 2016 and it went MUCH better than the first one but it went a little long.  I may run this one more time at MACE but add a little more to the set up.

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