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The following changes have been made to Savage Worlds Master Deck. Keeping the Subplot Cards In play, we will be keeping the subplot cards from session to session. Common Ground subplot Alternative or Quick Use (+2 or +3 to Networking …

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The Beginning The campaign started on New Pale (Truane’s Star System, Frontier), a world recovering from war of extreme racial tension between pro-human supremacists and a multicultural military state. Hired by a secret coalition of mega-corporations along with the planetary …

12.5 – The Volturnus Saga: Session 1 through 12 Review Read More »

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Updated the SDF Primer with new Zebulon Human Factions (the closest the Expanse has to Human Stellar Nations).

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After running classic Shatterzone, I realized I loved the setting more than the core rules system.  But I also loved the cards.  So I am designing a system for the cards in Savage Worlds and then poring everything else over …

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I have resurrected my interest in Niven-Known Space setting, starting with the Ringworld setting.  I am going to re-read the Ringworld books and use the resources I have at hand to come up with a trilogy of adventures for conventions.  The real …

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Fri 8 pm – 12 am: Shatterzone Xenos Alpha I play tested this at RonCon.  I am not sure how well this is going to go.  I never ran SZ at a Con because of its complexities.  I am going to …

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PROJECT START: 06/2017 The second adventure playtested well twice.  I built some terrain around it and plan to run it at MACE 2017.  Now I have to come up with the final chapter in the trilogy.  There were enough clues …

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PROJECT START: 01/2017 DONE:  PLAYTESTED AT MACE WEST 2017 I have used several inspirations to write this one, starting with some notes that I found from Ken Richardson.  Castaway was an idea he wrote up that interested me, but figuring …

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Infection Counters, Nano-spores, and Exogenesis These are terms that used to represent conversion to a Strain Infected.  Every token a person gains represents an infection by the Strain .  It represents the number of successes a person must obtain when …

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After running the play test, I decided to craft the location of the final battle.  I also crafted some bad guys from Star Wars figs (repainted Rebels) and one of the characters had a face covering so I found am …

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