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Parsadon (Unfinished World)

I made this world for some campaign but I can’t really remember what campaign.  I think it was for Star Wars d20. I believe it was the homeworld of this race – the slaresk.

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Thrugii Asteroid Belt

The Thrugii Asteroid Belt was a widespread belt of orbiting material in the Socorro system. It was present in three different orbitals, and astrogation reports suggested that they were the remains of three planets, destroyed when the system’s primary, Sokor,

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Location: Red Bacta Smuggler’s Hideout

Former old Republic era research facility, abandoned and reclaimed by smugglers and slaves. Level 10 Abandoned, heavy damage, possible collapse.  Included on this level is the Observation level, Upper Security, Sensors, Communications, Surface Radar and Air Traffic control, Defensive Systems

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The Dragon Pyramid

The pyramid was build millennia ago , the exact date is lost . It was bui l t over the l air of a dragon to protect it , and benefit from it ‘ s knowlege . The dragon s pent

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The System of Basilisk Basilisk is the fourth planet in a binary star system, with only four other planets. Basilisk orbits a yellow sun, and is called the Wink. The other sun is a red giant, which is known as the Gaze

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Antar Band

Sisar Run Faction

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Lords of the Black Sands Plot Summary

Jumping through Memory Space Lane I have gone through some old notes and found the basic plot summary of this campaign. I transcribed it and it appear in the Source Material. It was a plot I was really looking forward

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Sisar Run & Soccoro Star Map

Star Maps of how I integrated Socorro and Sisar Run

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Death of my Star Wars Fandom

Since the end of my last campaign, I’ve decided to stop running Star Wars. The universe has gone so far beyond what I would have imagined or like to play in that I can not bring myself to play in

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Helmets, Headsets & Optical Devices d20

Star Frontiers d20 Conversion

Helmets and headsets come in varied shapes and sizes. Most helmets are made with modular sections that can be removed to add microphones, goggles, etc. The items in this section can be added to helmets. There are eight ports on

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