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Working on an idea to expand the Sathars and merge them with the Star*Drive Externals.  In my new campaign, I am going to make the Sathars agents of the Externals (I am undecided about whether I am going to make …

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Throughout the Star Frontier’s material, the Sathar, their history and the motivation has been a mystery.  I think that is obviously intentional to allow for each individual game master interpret however they went.  With me integrating the Externals, and the …

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The Beginning The campaign started on New Pale (Truane’s Star System, Frontier), a world recovering from war of extreme racial tension between pro-human supremacists and a multicultural military state. Hired by a secret coalition of mega-corporations along with the planetary …

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The largest of the 3 regions of space, at its center is the home of the human race, Earth, in the Sol system.  Divided into competing Stellar Nations and overseen by the Galactic Concord, it spans tens of thousands of …

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The Verge is the frontier of the Stellar Ring. Far from the settled boundaries of Old Space (Stellar Ring), life in the Verge is dangerous and remote. The verge contains an extraordinary concentration of exploitable resources, alien life forms and …

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The Zebulon’s Expanse is a region of space formed by three major alien races as well as non-terran humans. This region of space has its own politics, its own history and it’s own enemies. Ruled over by the World Council …

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Updated the SDF Primer with new Zebulon Human Factions (the closest the Expanse has to Human Stellar Nations).

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I am currently writing up a complete region of space to use in this campaign. Relatively original, I am probably going to use some incluences from various sources like Shatterzone, Traveller and the like. I am leaning towards bringing in …

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The Last Warhulk The Start of The Last WArhulk. After retrieving the Peace program from hidden places on Lighthouse and rescuing the Starmech agent, the party embarks on a mission to stop a AI sentient war relic from reeking havoc …

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Dates: 11/14/2012 to 11/28/2012 Where: The Verge: Aegis to Terivine Joined up with a Starmech intelligence officer and a Bluefall Regency military advisor, the party goes after the last Warhulk.  A massive warmachine made during the second Galactic War, it …

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