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Dollar Store/Happy Meal/Thrift Store Sci-Fi Vehicles/Robots & Statues

Took some Dollar Store and Kids Meal toy vehicles and repurposed them to sci-fi vehicles.   I also made some robot drones.  My favorite though is the Kid’s Meal angel of death statue made from a Hotel Transylvania Dracula Kids Meal

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Orthocone Craft

Took the Star War: The Force Awakens Rathtar toy – a disaster of a toy but great for crafting – added a Halloween eyeball, and made a water creature for the Volturnus campaign.  Used the Orthocone stats from Savage Worlds Science Fiction

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Quickdeath Craft

From a Dollar Store Tiger and Snakes, I made the classic Star Frontiers Quickdeath – Savage Worlds Sized!  

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Desert Behemoth

Crafted from a Star Wars Black Edition Dewback, I found it at Walmart on clearance. I was creating this for a very specific encounter that in the Star Frontiers Volturnus campaign. It was going to be a sort of “sporting

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Engineering Room 1

This is a craft I put together for a the Tabletop Crafting Guild 2018 Secret Santa. It combined several craft techniques I learned on YouTube. The tiles are made of the Dollar Store Play Foam Puzzle Mats designed in a

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Custom Mininatures: Tor’Drani and Candrosian

From Magic the Gathering Miniatures

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Flash Gordon One-Shot Craft: Dive of Doom

The adventure called fora  shunken ship, a devourasaurus, and a bunch of sharkmen.  I custom made a bunch of minis for the party, based on the Archetype PDF they published.

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Big Bad: Temporal Elemental

TCG February 2018 Contest Entry: Outpost

I wasn’t sure I was going to enter this contest but when I found some packing material at work, I collected up 3 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper bottles and formulated an idea.  It was partially inspired by Commissar Gamza’s Make Terrain

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Terrain: Croatoan Island Craft

Started: December, 2017 Phase One – the Build This is a very abstract idea I came up with based on several influences.  Combining the Bermuda Triangle mythology, with an alien Moon base, and the general multiverse trope from just about

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