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Government Shutdown Rant!

With this Shutdown, all I hear about are the government employees going without paychecks. And of course, this is by design! No actual talk about a service people miss or starving children who can’t get their food stamps.Is it me,

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Parkland Shooting

Here we go again, second verse same as the first.  A nut-job gets of a gun (legally) and shoots up a bunch of high school students.  My heart goes not to the victim’s families and the town in general.  It

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You’re responsible for the dumpster fire!

In a conversation where I found it funny that Oprah and The Rock were both being recruited to run for president (relating it back to the movie Idiocracy), I apparently triggered a lefty-acquaintance of mine to the point that he

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How soon will Social Media be the new smoking?

Is mental health as important as physical health?  Not yet.  But will it be?  Is overall societal well-being as important as the greater physical well-being?  Who knows?  Maybe one day.  Recent reports have said that founders of some social networking

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Trump is the best thing to happen to feminism

How about that for a tag line!  That’ll get the snowflakes a-fluttering.  I only write the occasional rant because I have a thought and the only way I can completely flesh it out is write it down.  I imagine in

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Call it what it is!

I have held back on commenting about this whole HB2 flap since it started a year ago.  While I am not for catering to the small percentage of people afflicted with Gender dysphagia, I am also not for restricting people’s abilities

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Realizations after the Orlando Shooting

First and foremost, what happened in Orlando was horrible.  My heart and prayers go out to those affected directly and Orlando as a whole.  I also pray for this country for healing.  This attack has not united us like 9-11

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Entitled millennials?

I feel like I just got over the generation differences between my parents (the rural southern 50s) and mine (1980s Gen-X) and now we have this new phenomena called Millennials.  My step-son is one.  I work with another.  I don’t

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Prayer can’t fix this?

Mass shootings is the new thing, apparently – although many forget that “going postal” was a thing in the ’70s and ’80s because of mass shootings taking place in post offices.  Regardless of our own short memories, the most recent

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SCOTUS strikes again!

I get back from a week long relaxing cruise to find my country falling further into the pit of valuelessness and socialism, simply because 9 people have an agenda to push.  Or they have a twisted version of what our

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