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Star Trek: Discovery – Social Justice Vigilantes

I don’t even know where to start, I am so frustrated.  Militant Progressives have taken over Star Trek in the worst way.  Instead of “social justice,” they are portraying “social revenge” or “social vigilantism” in their stories.  Now I see

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Government Shutdown Rant!

With this Shutdown, all I hear about are the government employees going without paychecks. And of course, this is by design! No actual talk about a service people miss or starving children who can’t get their food stamps.Is it me,

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Movie & TV Bias these days!

I got to thinking this morning about movies/TV shows and how the bias has gotten so bad about liberal bias.  Namely, at least for me, the CW Arrowverse that I so invested myself in.  It’s not that the bias wasn’t

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2017 Texas Church Shooting: Presence of Mind?

There are no words that can express the sorrow and despair I feel for those in that small town in Texas and this country as a whole.  Between Charlottesville riots (not a shooting, but still), Las Vegas, the New York

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Serialized TV: It’s killing good story.

This article – Serialized Television Has Become a Disease – hit the nail on the head for me.  I have been saying this for a while.  There are some shows that pull it off pretty well, primarily because they are based

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Lack of rants these days: Trump, Election 2016 and the rest

On this website, I have had very little to say during the election cycle and post election.  I thought to myself, why is that?  I think Facebook as well as the general climate has shown me the other side of

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The Duality of our society

I have come to realize something many probably have known and probably analyzed deeper than I can imagine. Much smarter people have probably dug deep into the group psyche of the American Society and figured out the whys and what-fors.

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Religion, Morality and the lack of both!

The 2016 elections has been very telling to me and I feel like I need to rant about it.  This is my opinion and nothing more, based on observations I have seen in the electorate and the direction I have

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Hollywood has no new ideas

I had a strange series of events happen the other day.  For my series on The Gamer’s Codex, called B-Movie Inspirations, I have to find and watch really bad B-movies and find inspiration for RPGs plot in them.  I do

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I will tolerate you… A lesson on Tolerance

I recently got into a discussion about tolerance, stemming from a meme I posted that started the following… Being constantly offended doesn’t mean you are right.  It just means you are too narcissistic to tolerate opinions different from yours. And

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