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I love to be scared

Penny Dreadful (S2 E2) – Why go there!?

OK, I struggle with this every time I see it.  I write off a movie if it contains any hint of it.  I hate to see it any where it is used as a trope.  It should NOT be a

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Land of the Dead – Liberal Political statement

I am a huge fan of the George Romero`s zombie movies. However, I like them not because of the political statements he obviously is trying to make. In `Land of the Dead` (2005), I think he really tried too hard

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Masters of Horror: Intriguing and Refreshing

I’ve been watching the Masters of Horror series on Netflix download and am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of horror in these series. I’ve decided to comment on the five shows I have watched so far. Incident On and Off a

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Resident Evil 3

I liked the first two. If I were to pick movies that were representative of the types of games I run, these two would be at the top of the list. I don’ tplay the games but love the movies.

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Evil Dead The Musical

uhhh, you have got to be kidding! A must see!! Share List

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Movie: Darkness

Just watched Darkness on DVD. It could have been a really good scary movie if it had stayed within a believable mythology for the entity. The very end seemed a stretch for me and a little confusing. The photography was

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Movie: The Descent

This movie has grabbed my attention in that it looks good, but didn’t they do this already? The Cave? Although the web site and the commercial/trailer are both creepy, but I would still wait for DVD because this doesn’t seem

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