Chaotic TCG: Zenith of the Hive

Chaotic TCG: Zenith of the Hive

From: 4Kids Entertainment/TC Digital

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Chaotic TCG: Zenith of the Hive is a new trading card game booster expansion from 4Kids Entertainment/TC Digital .

Zenith of the Hive is the first expansion and second card set for the Chaotic Card game, the innovative trading card game that integrates a popular TV show, a card game, and an online game. This expansion adds 100 new cards and new powers such as Infection and Disarm, and introduces Illexia, the Danian Queen. Creatures, Attacks, Battlegear, Locations, and Mugic of course all have variable power structures that ensure no two cards are ever the same.

From the press kit: “From the summit of the mountain; from the depths of the reservoir; from the fortifications of Mouth Pillar; the officers of the Hive congregate before the queen.”

Zenith of the Hive focuses primarily on the Danians and bolsters them as a tribe to be reckoned with. While in the past, Danians were simply a menace and never really a major power, now the Danians are a third faction within the Chaotic game. With a variety of new Danian Creatures, Attacks, Battlegears and Locations, it is a new level of Chaotic trading card gaming.

New mechanics in the game include Infection. Some creatures can Infect others using Infection Token cards supplied in the boosters. When a creature is infected, it counts as one of the Mandiblors you control. If the infection is not dealt with in some way by the opponent, it will start to drain powers of some characters. Another interesting mechanic this set introduces is Defend. A creature with this ability can be switched with an adjacent creature who is targeted with an attack. Other additional mechanics include Disarm as well as rules clarifications on Printed Energy, 0-Cost Mugic and X-Cost Mugic.

In conclusion, I do not have to tout the praises of this expansion, as it sold several times more than the original order of the first set, Dawn of Perim. This is definitely a good first expansion for this game, staying true to the TV show and the fans.

For more details on 4Kids Entertainment/TC Digital and their new trading card game booster expansion “Chaotic TCG: Zenith of the Hive” check them out at their website, and at all of your local game stores.

Chaotic TCG: Zenith of the Hive

From: 4Kids Entertainment/TC Digital

Type of Game: trading card game booster expansion

Game Design by: MRN, Arthur Murakami, Brian David-Marshall, Matt Wang, Don Lim, Billy Moreno, Drew Nolosco, Eric Smith, Joseph Cho, Jason Kennedy

Art Design by: Vincent Burkhead Studio, 4Kids Entertainment (Jason Navarez), Dracco (Elizabeth Rosas), Epic Cycle Interactive (Justin Yun)

Graphics Design by: 4Kids Entertainment (Jennifer Obrotka, Anthony Cangelosi, Chawen Chou, Kana Hashimoto)

Number of Pages: 43 page rule booklet

Game Components Included: Start Set, playing mat, rulebook

Game Components Not Included: Booster packs

Retail Price: Start Deck $ 14.99 (US). Booster Packs $3.99 (US)

Number of Players: 2

Player Age: 8+


Reviewed by: Ron McClung