Background: Player’s Aid #3 – Character Options

Background: Player’s Aid #3 – Character Options

titansgrave3Players Characters can be one of the following races

  • Human*
  • Elf*
  • Dwarf*
  • Halfing*
  • Gnome*
  • Orc*
  • Saurian **

* = as defined in the Fantasy AGE core book

** = as defined in the Titans Grave core book

The text also mentions beast men and I interpret that as Tiger Men, Wolf Men, Lion Men or Bear men (and the like), but there are no stats for that.  If I have time, I may come up with something for these races.

Character classes are simple – Mage, Rogue, and Warrior.  All are fairly self explanatory but are VERY broad.  Mages are the magic users and the magic system is very simplified and broad.  Rogues are the assassins, spies and those that rely on the quickness and ability.  Warrior are the fighters and focus on combat.  There is no multiclassing but these are broad enough and the customization options are also broad enough that you can crate just about anything.

The idea is to start out with a basic character concept and grow from there. You have a lot of freedom in this regard.  I would like to have a fully fleshed out background but if you can not make one, I can roll one up using Heroes of Legend.  If you need to make up your own faction, order or group, I will allow it if you give me at least some background to it and its motivation.

Technology is the biggest addition to the Fantasy AGE system and handled very openly.  High Tech is hard to get in Valkana but  basic tech is fairly common.  Power is obtained by a mineral called fulgrin.  There is no fossil fuels, fulgrin batteries power everything.  Cybernetics, Robotics, and computer tech exist but are not always reliable because of the data plague or run in combination with magic.  Either way, it is uncommon to rare.  Blasters are the ranged weapons of choice and are fairly common, but bows are also common.  Swords, axes and the like are very common.  You will see in some major cities flying car and bikes, monorail systems and airships, while at the same time you will see horses, carts and wagons.

Ideas for characters concepts

Bounty Hunter with a cybernetic eye that fought Orcs in border skirmishes in the South.  He has a hatred of Orcs and a mistrust of all things magical.

A fallen knight of a lost order called the Guardians of the Rose.  They served the leaders of a small city state to the northern mountains until it was overthrown by dwarven malcontents who felt their people were treated as second class citizens.  He searches now for the magical signet ring of the royal house he once serve to perhaps bring it back to power.

A half elf (can customize any mixed heritage) technician and hacker, who grew up on the streets of Karros in the shadows of the Golems. Her interest in the origins and motivations of the golems got her in trouble and banned from the city.  She asked too many questions.  She is convinced the Golems of Karros are hiding something.

Gnome mage that is on a wanderer’s journey from Vorakis, seeking out the lost arcane tech embodied in the 7 stones of Galishkar, which are said to fit in the Staff of Coranthar the Dragon Slayer.  Cornathar was once a mage technician who built great arcane tech wonders for the Royals of Nestora until he converted to the Prophet’s ways.  The Royals before their fall hid away some of his greatest works in the areas around Nestora.

I totally made up all of those just now.  You can make up your own.

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