Charles Flanagan

Charles Flanagan

Human Scientist associated with The Rovers, formerly IPX ( played by Rob O’hara)

He is searching for his father and his lost people, Flanagan is a skilled scientist and technician.


The Irish Travellers aka Pavee

That sounds like an apt beginning for the Rovers. We could say they left Earth before or during the last world war in a generation ship as they had lost all hope with humanity as a whole. We could say the leader was the rich Rover that built the ship and my character is descended from him. My character has never met his father {Eric Flanagan) as he was raised by his “uncle” Frank O’Donnell. My birth my mother died and I’m the sole heir to the Rover throne. We were attacked by aliens and my father ordered Eric to take me and run and raise me as it looked like they were going to be overrun. Frank raised me telling all the Rover histories and skills and such.

As a kid I found an abandoned small freighter and fixed it. We then went trading as that is the Rover way. Frank is still in the freighter doing runs when I ran off to college and start a career of my own. My real father is still searching for me as I am for him but neither of us know where to even start looking. As a kid I had a cyborg dog who is probably still with Frank.

I had also met a girl when on assignment with the corporation. We fell in love. We were sent to a planet for research or something. She was affiliated with underground organization and kind of dragged me into it {that is how I got my contacts). I left the corporation after I found out how the corporation was screwing over people for profits. She still works for them and she is my contact in the corporation.

I really have left any filling out for the Rovers for you to do. I just envision them as a fiercely independent and close knit group who does everything for themselves and travel around doing trade.